Editor: Norhafiza Mat Lazim

Series Title: Frontiers in Inflammation

Head and Neck Cancer: Hallmarks of The Inflammation Ecosystem

Volume 2

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ISSN: 2468-1466 (Print)
ISSN: 2468-1474 (Online)
ISBN: 978-981-18-0322-2 (Print)
ISBN: 978-981-18-0324-6 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97898118032461210201


This reference comprehensively covers the clinical aspects of head and neck neoplasms while also highlighting the relationship that exists between inflammation and these cancers. This relationship is critical as it dictates the risks, assessment, treatment, and prognosis of head and neck cancer patients. The book starts with an introduction to the inflammation ecosystem in head and neck malignancy, followed by detailed discussions on the types of head and neck malignancy and their histological classification. The book then provides information about specialized topics relevant to the specialty of head and neck oncology.

Key Features:

- Comprehensive coverage of head and neck cancers with topic-based chapters

- Introductory text explaining the basics of inflammation

- Detailed information on the relationship between inflammation and head and neck neoplasms

- Information about the classification of head and neck cancers

- Methods for diagnosis and treatment

- Special topics such as complications caused by HPV infections, chemoradiation, immune-targeted therapy, and inflammatory biomarkers

- References for further reading

The combination of basic and advanced topics makes this book an informative reference for medical students and professionals at all levels. Residents specializing in otolaryngology, oncology, and surgery as well as researchers studying inflammation will also gain an understanding of the subject in relation to oncogenesis.


Foreword by Madan Kapre

It is a privilege to foreword this research book which is unique in ways more than one. I congratulate Assoc. Prof. Norhafiza Mat Lazim for her great initiative in conceptualizing this book. This book is in the arena of uncharted territory which will, in years to come, demand more attention and work. Assoc. Prof. Norhafiza Mat Lazim has shown that path into future thinking for all of us in this book.

The book offers several chapters in a systemic way written by competent authorities in their area of work.

We are increasingly aware that there are biomarkers which almost define the biological behavior of the tumor. This biomarker is used in diagnostic workup as detailed in the book which will guide the treatment planning. The book also deals with the detection of other virological markers which will help to prevent and plan surgical / radiation therapy.

The relation between the inflammatory process and malignancy is beautifully mentioned in the chapters. Prof. Norhafiza Mat Lazim has clarified the cascade of chemical reactions in inflammation and malignancy. She has driven similarities and conclusions. In her words, she has an opened a window of opportunity to control/ treat head and neck cancer by intervening biochemically at these cascades. This philosophy of drawing parallels in inflammation and malignancy reflects through this book. Author compels us to revisit and strategize our treatment policies by studying the micro-environment, a complex ecosystem.

I wish Prof. Norhafiza Mat Lazim great success not only with this book but also for her in future in this new philosophy of micro-environment and complex eco system of the cancer cells. I also acknowledge the great contribution of all other contributory authors. I am sure this book will make very interesting reading and open a window of sort.

Madan Kapre
Neeti Clinics Pvt. Ltd
Neeti Gaurav Complex; 21
Nagpur – 440010

Foreword by Naoki Otsuki

I am honored to write a foreword to the publication of this wonderful book. First of all, I would like to congratulate Assoc. Prof. Norhafiza Mat Lazim for making this book. I met Assoc. Prof. Lazim at the same session at the 2017 ASHNO conference in Bali, Indonesia. She presented the results of her basic research at this session. At this time, I found out that she was not only an excellent head and neck surgeon, but also an outstanding scientist in basic research on head and neck cancer. Two years later, I heard about a plan to publish a book on inflammation ecosystem in head and neck cancer, and now we have a wonderful and unique book like this.

Physiological inflammation is one of the body's initial immune defenses against infection and tissue damage. Researchers have previously identified that inflammation is frequently associated with tumor progression, but the underlying mechanisms to contribute to proinflammatory tumorigenesis are not fully understood. Much evidence has emerged regarding the infiltration of inflammatory cells into tissues and their contribution to the deleterious alterations of DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids, and metabolites in the local tissue microenvironment of chemical mediators.

In this book, based on the knowledge about the inflammatory ecosystem that has been obtained in the area of ​​head and neck cancer, risk factors in development, diagnostic tools, biomarkers, the role of inflammation in the microenvironment associated with treatment, and tumor-related factors as therapeutic targets are also mentioned. This book brings new research into inflammatory ecosystems to significant progress in developing, diagnosing, and treating head and neck cancer.

Finally, I wish Professor Lazim a success in future, who has made a generous contribution to this book's production, and I would like to thank all other contributory authors who wrote this book.

Naoki Otsuki
Faculty of Medicine
Department of Otolaryngology
Kindai University Osaka-sayama


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