Editor: Norhafiza Mat Lazim

Series Title: Frontiers in Inflammation

Head and Neck Cancer: Hallmarks of The Inflammation Ecosystem

Volume 2

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ISBN: 978-981-18-0322-2 (Print)
ISBN: 978-981-18-0324-6 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97898118032461210201


This reference comprehensively covers the clinical aspects of head and neck neoplasms while also highlighting the relationship that exists between inflammation and these cancers. This relationship is critical as it dictates the risks, assessment, treatment, and prognosis of head and neck cancer patients. The book starts with an introduction to the inflammation ecosystem in head and neck malignancy, followed by detailed discussions on the types of head and neck malignancy and their histological classification. The book then provides information about specialized topics relevant to the specialty of head and neck oncology.

Key Features:

- Comprehensive coverage of head and neck cancers with topic-based chapters

- Introductory text explaining the basics of inflammation

- Detailed information on the relationship between inflammation and head and neck neoplasms

- Information about the classification of head and neck cancers

- Methods for diagnosis and treatment

- Special topics such as complications caused by HPV infections, chemoradiation, immune-targeted therapy, and inflammatory biomarkers

- References for further reading

The combination of basic and advanced topics makes this book an informative reference for medical students and professionals at all levels. Residents specializing in otolaryngology, oncology, and surgery as well as researchers studying inflammation will also gain an understanding of the subject in relation to oncogenesis.

Foreword I

- Pp. i
Madan Kapre
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Foreword II

- Pp. ii
Naoki Otsuki
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- Pp. iii
Norhafiza Mat Lazim
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv
Norhafiza Mat Lazim
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Introduction to Inflammation Ecosystem in Head and Neck Cancer

- Pp. 1-27 (27)
Norhafiza Mat Lazim*
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Types of Head and Neck Malignancy

- Pp. 28-76 (49)
Gabriela Ramírez-Arroyo*, Juan Carlos Hernaiz-Leonardo, Michelle Marvin-Huergo, Mario Sergio Dávalos-Fuentes
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Histological Classification of Head and Neck Tumors

- Pp. 77-125 (49)
Sharifah Emilia Tuan Sharif, Anani Aila Mat Zin*
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Inflammation, Risk Factors and Etiopathogenesis of Head and Neck Cancer

- Pp. 126-154 (29)
Norhafiza Mat Lazim*
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The Diagnostic Tools for Head and Neck Cancer

- Pp. 155-184 (30)
Giacomo Spinato*, Paolo Boscolo Rizzo, Marco Salvatore, Simonetta Ausoni, Samuele Frasconi, Giuseppe Azzarello, Carlo Cavaliere, Liberatore Tramontano, Maria Cristina Da Mosto
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The Emergence of New Inflammatory Markers of Head and Neck Cancer and their Potentials

- Pp. 185-209 (25)
Norhafiza Mat Lazim*, Baharudin Abdullah
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Inflammation and Current HPV Status in Head and Neck Malignancy

- Pp. 210-234 (25)
Roman Carlos Zamora*, Jose Gutiérrez Jodas, Norhafiza Mat Lazim
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Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer and Relation to Inflammation

- Pp. 235-259 (25)
Rohaizam Japar Jaafar*, Zulkifli Yusof, Zakinah Yahaya
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Behind the Screen: The Emergence of New Evidence

- Pp. 260-299 (40)
Belayat H. Siddiquee*, Norhafiza Mat Lazim
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Targeting Inflammation: Window for Therapeutic Strategy in Head and Neck Malignancy

- Pp. 300-322 (23)
Norhafiza Mat Lazim*
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Subject Index

- Pp. 323-333 (11)
Norhafiza Mat Lazim
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