Editor: Gary W. Caldwell

The Pharmaceutical Scientist Guide to Solution Kinetic Models Mathematical Description and Applications

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ISSN: 2214-4331 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-60805-167-0 (Print)
ISBN: 978-90-77527-12-2 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2007
DOI: 10.2174/97890775271221070101



.Drug Addiction Mechanisms in the Brain.
.Medicinal Chemistry of Drugs Affecting Cardiovascular and Endocrine Systems.
.Software and Programming Tools in Pharmaceutical Research.
.Objective Pharmaceutics: A Comprehensive Compilation of Questions and Answers for Pharmaceutics Exam Prep.
.Endocannabinoids: Molecular, Pharmacological, Behavioral and Clinical Features.
.Ricin Toxin.
.Solubility, Delivery and ADME Problems of Drugs and Drug-Candidates.