Editors: Vakul Bansal, Atul Bansal, D.N Rao, Muhanned I Alfarras, Rajendran Thavasimuthu

Virtual and Classroom Learning in Higher Education: A Guide to Effective Online Teaching

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-929-4 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97816810892871210101


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has prompted educators to utilize online learning resources in order to comply with public health and social distancing mandates. The transition to virtual classrooms has created several opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders involved in the educational ecosystem.

The ability of the classroom instructor to impart learning to students requires considerable adjustments from both students and teachers, which can be a new experience for educational professionals.

Virtual and Classroom Learning in Higher Education serves as a handy guide for instructors to effective online teaching with a focus on higher education. The book presents reviews on different aspects of online teaching, distilling key findings in an easy to understand manner for the reader. It provides educators with knowledge which familiarizes them with online teaching models and concepts (such as micro-learning, synchronous and asynchronous learning, online pedagogy, dynamic learning experience and more). Chapters are contributed by experts in online learning and cover the topic from different angles, giving the reader a broad perspective on virtual classrooms.

Virtual and Classroom Learning in Higher Education is an essential read for administrators and educators involved in higher education settings, and general readers who are interested in widening their view of the online teaching model.


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Vakul Bansal, Atul Bansal , Muhanned I. Alfarras, D.N. Rao , Rajendran Thavasimuthu
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List of Contributors

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How Effective is Online Education During the Current Pandemic Due to COVID-19?

- Pp. 1-13 (13)
Ravindra Dey, Indu Sharma*, Neha D’Souza, Glovin Kumar
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Teaching and Learning with Technology – Analysis of the Impact of Technology on Higher Education

- Pp. 14-23 (10)
David Nichol*, David Littlefair
View Abstract

Virtual Learning: An Effective Tool for Quality Assurance in Higher Education

- Pp. 24-39 (16)
Rumpa Roy*
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Futuristic Teaching and Learning of Millennials: By Consumer (people)-based Marketing Approach and Multi-channel Approach of Retailing

- Pp. 40-48 (9)
Sunil Kulkarni*
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Taking a Fresh Look at the Value of Video in Online Learning

- Pp. 49-75 (27)
Ross Mallett*, Mel Lindley
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Micro-learning: An Effective E-learning Resource with Poor Net Connectivity

- Pp. 76-96 (21)
Debashis Bhowmick*, Indrani B. Das Sarma
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Virtual Synchronous Classroom Leading to Asynchronous Learning: Perspective of Teacher Education Pedagogy

- Pp. 97-124 (28)
Mrinal Mukherjee*, Subha Das Mollick
View Abstract

Online Learning – Effectiveness and Challenges Across the Globe

- Pp. 125-137 (13)
Asha Bhatia*, Radhika Juneja
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Challenges of Virtual Classroom

- Pp. 138-149 (12)
Shahid Husain*
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Enhancing Students’ Lack of Engagement in the Virtual Learning Platforms: The Role of Theory of Knowledge and Certain Basic Communication Skills

- Pp. 150-170 (21)
Amine Moulay*, Chebab Daouia
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Opportunities to Enhance Wide Knowledge Among Young Aspiring Minds Through MOOC

- Pp. 171-187 (17)
V. Selvam*, Abhi Bhattacharya
View Abstract

Impact of Virtual Learning Environment on Effective Education

- Pp. 188-199 (12)
Ankita Chaturvedi*, Aditi R. Khandelwal
View Abstract

Effectiveness of Virtual and Traditional Teaching and Learning in Current Scenario

- Pp. 200-226 (27)
Trupti M. Joshi*, Elizabeth Mathews
View Abstract

Impact of Cybernetic Classroom Learning on Students Academic Performance

- Pp. 226-235 (10)
S. Lara Priyadharshini*, E. Kamatchi Muthulakshmi
View Abstract

Virtual Learning in Higher Education and Its Impact on the Students- A Study of Mumbai Region

- Pp. 236-246 (11)
Meena Sharma*, Dhiraj Dhirwani
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Subject Index

- Pp. 247-254 (8)

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