Chapter 4

Metallic Nanoparticles: Applications in Drug Delivery

Monisha Singhal, Nidhi Gupta and Jyoti Dasharath Magare*


In the field of nanotechnology, the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles (NPs) is a demanding task for both modern phytopharmaceutical research as well as academics. These metallic nanostructures, NPs, made of metals such as gold and silver NPs can be used as quantum dots for the applications in Biomedical Science and Technology. Nanomedicine is a newly developed branch that is a boon for modern medicine. Nanotechnology in medicines will increase the production of the intended results and safety of the medicine. Nanoparticles are known for their stability, solubility, absorption and reduced toxicity. Metallic nanoparticles have been used for treatment in some life-threatening diseases such as cancer. This chapter introduces gold and silver nanoparticles, nanoshells and nanocages and their physico-chemical properties, and illustrates some of the recent advances in the field of diagnostic imaging and cancer therapy. Nanotechnology had a great influence on medical science and made a remarkable progress in the field of diagnostics.

Total Pages: 125-150 (26)

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