Editors: Supratik Rayamajhi, Prajwal Dhakal, Shiva Shrotriya, Nishraj Basnet

Thrombosis in Cancer: A Medical Professional's Guide to Cancer Associated Thrombosis

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-785-6 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2021
DOI: 10.2174/97816810878491210101
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Ever since the association between cancer and thrombosis was reported by Jean-Baptiste Bouillaud in the early 19th century, cancer-associated thrombosis has remained a challenging domain of cancer management. Thrombosis can at times be a lead to cancer diagnosis, while it often complicates medical situations as a coexisting disorder. In this handbook, the contributors have compiled comprehensive information on the subject to provide the reader a comprehensive review of current medical literature and guidelines for cancer-associated thrombosis.

Key Features

-clinically oriented text for application in healthcare settings

-current, evidence-based literature reviews and references

-includes guidelines on VTE prophylaxis, heparin effects and more

-includes information about special cases

Thrombosis in Cancer: A Medical Professional's Guide to Cancer Associated Thrombosis is an informative handbook for a broad range of readers in medicine, including generalists, residents, and graduate-level trainees.


I have been practicing academic clinical hematologist and oncologist for more than 20 years now. The author, Dr. Supratik Rayamajhi is my cherished colleague who I have known for the past decade. Most of the other authors are also my colleagues, and I have been an attending physician and mentor to some. I was thrilled to learn that the authors were busy writing a book on the topic of cancer-associated thrombosis. I anticipated the publication of this book and was rewarded with this opportunity to read it. The authors are all uniquely qualified to write on this important subject based on their experience, research, and insight into this topic. This is an area that I also have direct and almost daily medical experience with and can attest to this book’s current relevance and accuracy.

Why should you read this book? Well, are you someone that wants to get right to the point? Do you dislike long and verbose writing, that goes on and on? Are you someone that wants to keep current with the ever-changing medical literature? If so, then you are the right person for this book.

Cancer-associated thrombosis is a broad area but can be parsed into “bite-size” pieces that are easily “digestible” for consumption for the learner. The day of the giant 1,000-page medical tome is over. This is a book that highlights an important subject in an easy and to-the-point quick read that will not bore you with endless unnecessary detail. This book will turn you into a knowledgeable physician in this field in the shortest amount of time.

I have shown this book to other practicing hematologists and oncologists who have praised it. We all appreciate its accuracy and brevity without leaving anything of relevance out. I highly recommend this book to all eager students and practitioners of medicine, especially to anyone that wants to learn this topic from scratch or to those who might need a brief review.

I am the Director of the Michigan State University/McLaren hematology and oncology fellowship program and have made this text required reading for our fellows. Read this book and you will not be disappointed. You will have a whole world of cancer associate thrombosis knowledge right at your fingertips!

Borys Hrinczenko, MD, PhD
Hematology and Oncology Fellowship Program
Division of Hematology and Oncology
Michigan State University


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