Editors: Robert S.D. Higgins, Juan A. Sanchez

Series Title: Current and Future Developments in Surgery

The Multi-Organ Donor: A Guide to Selection, Preservation and Procurement

Volume 3

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Year of Publication: 2018
DOI: 10.2174/97816810875661180301


Advances in the science of immunology have improved the success rate of organ transplantations since the mid twentieth century. Organ transplantation is now a lifesaving medical procedure for thousands of patients around the world with end-organ diseases. The lifesaving potential of transplantation has been limited by the number and quality of appropriate organ donors. The evolution of brain death criteria by the Harvard Ad-Hoc Committee Report has opened the door to understanding the importance of medical, legal and ethical challenges of organ donation in support of the growth of the transplant science. The possibility of organ donation from living donors has enhanced organ availability for patients with kidney failure. Modern inotropes and immunosuppression regimens have been critical to the success of other organ transplant procedures. However, the cornerstone of successful transplantation continues to be the appropriate selection, evaluation, preservation of organ tissues and the successful surgical procurement process to mitigate the impact of tissue ischemia and reperfusion.

In this textbook, the art and science of organ donation and tissue preservation is examined. Through this authoritative text by leaders in the field, the editors provide a state of the art review of modern preservation techniques, patient selection and screening criteria, as well as best practices for multi-organ procurement. Information presented in the book will familiarize readers with the initial steps of determining organ availability which ultimately enables health care professionals to realize the extraordinary potential of successful multi-organ transplant procedures. This guide is intended to be a fundamental resource for students, residents, faculty and staff for all disciplines allied to health care delivery and organ donation.


- Pp. i
Robert S.D. Higgins
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List of Contributors

- Pp. ii-iii (2)
Robert S.D. Higgins, Juan A. Sanchez
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- Pp. 1-3 (3)
Juan A. Sanchez, Robert S.D. Higgins
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The Organ Allocation System

- Pp. 4-23 (20)
Karen Kennedy, Charles Alexander
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Identification of the Brain Dead Donor

- Pp. 24-43 (20)
Justin Zamoyski, Diana Greene-Chandos
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Management of Public Health Service (PHS) Increased Risk Donors and Hepatitis C or HIV Infected Donors

- Pp. 44-52 (9)
Nicole Theodoropoulos, Stephanie Pouch, Dorry Segev
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Management of the Multi-Organ Donor and Logistic Considerations

- Pp. 53-65 (13)
Sharon Weeks, Shane Ottmann, Andrew Cameron
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Current State of Organ Preservation

- Pp. 66-79 (14)
Eliza Beal, Bryan Whitson, Sylvester Black
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Organ Specific Considerations: Heart

- Pp. 80-89 (10)
Vincent Nardy, Ahmet Kilic, Arman Kilic
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Organ Specific Considerations: Lung

- Pp. 90-101 (12)
Jinny Ha, Stephen Broderick, Errol Bush
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Liver Procurement: The Donor Hepatectomy

- Pp. 102-115 (14)
Marcos E. Pozo, Russell Wesson, Benjamin Philosophe, Andrew Cameron, Jacqueline Garonzik-Wang
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Organ Specific Considerations: Pancreas and Kidney

- Pp. 116-124 (9)
Iyore James, Ashraf El-Hinnawi, Amer Rajab
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Living Donation

- Pp. 125-146 (22)
Benjamin Philosophe, Jaime Glorioso, Shane Ottmann, Iyore James, Amer Rajab
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Pediatric Issues: Split Liver/Living Liver Donation

- Pp. 147-159 (13)
Kyle Jackson, Benjamin Philosophe, Andrew Cameron
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Islet Cell Donation

- Pp. 160-167 (8)
Jill Buss, Amer Rajab
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The Future of Organ Donation: Ex Vivo Preservation

- Pp. 168-188 (21)
Eliza Beal, Sylvester Black, Bryan Whitson
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The Future of Organ Donation and Transplantation: 2018 and Beyond

- Pp. 189-191 (3)
Robert S.D. Higgins
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Subject Index

- Pp. 192-201 (10)
Robert S.D. Higgins, Juan A. Sanchez
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