Editors: Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Jorge Felipe Ramírez León, Anthony Yeung

Contemporary Endoscopic Spine Surgery - Lumbar Spine

Volume 2

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Year of Publication: 2022
DOI: 10.2174/97898150515371220201


Contemporary Endoscopic Spine Surgery brings the reader the most up-to-date information on the endoscopy of the spine. Key opinion leaders from around the world have come together to present the clinical evidence behind their competitive endoscopic spinal surgery protocols. Chapters in the series cover a range of aspects of spine surgery including spinal pain generators, preoperative workup with modern independent predictors of favorable clinical outcomes with endoscopy, anesthesia in an outpatient setting, management of complications, and a fresh look at technology advances in a historical context. The reader will have a first-row seat during the illustrative discussions of expanded surgical indications from herniated disc to more complex clinical problems, including stenosis, instability, and deformity in patients with advanced degenerative disease of the human spine. Contemporary Endoscopic Spine Surgery is divided into three volumes: Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine, and Advanced Technologies to capture an accurate snapshot in time of this fast-moving field. It is intended as a comprehensive go-to reference text for surgeons in graduate residency and postgraduate fellowship training programs and for practicing spine surgeons interested in looking for the scientific foundation for their practice expansion into endoscopic surgery.

This volume (Lumbar Spine) covers the following topics in 18 detailed chapters:

• Lumbar endoscopy: historical perspectives, present & future

• Endoscopic lumbar discectomy – anatomy, nomenclature, indications and advanced techniques

• Current approaches for the treatment of endstage vacuum degenerative lumbar disc disease

• Advanced endoscopic techniques of lumbar foraminotomy and treatment of degenerative spondylolisthesis

• Endoscopic treatment of lumbar facet cysts

• Endoscopic techniques for the treatment of a wide range of chronic low back pain

• Endoscopic spine surgery techniques in the elderly

• Endoscopic fusion techniques

• Endoscopic resection of schwannoma

• Technical notes for difficult cases, controversies and complications of lumbar endoscopy


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Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Jorge Felipe Ramírez León, Anthony Yeung, Hyeun-Sung Kim, Xifeng Zhang, Gun Choi, Stefan Hellinger, Álvaro Dowling
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Jorge Felipe Ramírez León, Anthony Yeung
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Lumbar Endoscopy: Historical Perspectives, Present & Future

- Pp. 1-26 (26)
Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski*, Jin-Sung Kim, Friedrich Tieber, Anthony Yeung
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Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy – Anatomy, Indications and Techniques

- Pp. 27-38 (12)
Ji-Yeon Kim, Hyeun sung Kim, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Tae Jang
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Patient Reported Outcome Measures, Nomenclature & Classifications in Clinical Research of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

- Pp. 39-64 (26)
Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski*, Álvaro Dowling, Said G Osman, Jin-Sung Kim, Stefan Hellinger, Nimar Salari, Rômulo Pedroza Pinheiro, Ramon Torres, Anthony Yeung
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Transforaminal Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

- Pp. 65-89 (25)
Ji-Yeon Kim, Hyeun sung Kim, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Il-Tae Jang
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Structural Preservation Interlaminar Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy (IELD) For L5-S1 Herniated Disc

- Pp. 90-104 (15)
Ravindra Singh, Hyeun Sung Kim*, Il-Tae Jang
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Hybridized Inside-Out/Outside-In Approach for Treatment of Endstage Vacuum Degenerative Lumbar Disc Diseas

- Pp. 105-112 (8)
Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski*, Anthony Yeung
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Full Endoscopic Interlaminar Contra-Lateral Lumbar Foraminotomy

- Pp. 123-134 (12)
Harshavardhan Dilip Raorane, Hyeun-Sung Kim, Il-Tae Jang
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Mobile Outside In, SCOT (Suprapedicular Circumferential Opening Technique) Approach for Highly Inferior Migrated HNP

- Pp. 135-141 (7)
Nitin Maruti Adsul, Hyeun Sung Kim*, Il-Tae Jang
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Over-The-Top versus Transforaminal Lumbar Endoscopic Techniques

- Pp. 142-161 (20)
Álvaro Dowling, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski*
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Endoscopic Treatment of Lumbar Facet Cysts

- Pp. 162-180 (19)
Stefan Hellinger*, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski
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Transforaminal Endoscopic Lumbar Foraminotomy TELF for Lumbar Stenosis in Patients Aged Over 80 Years

- Pp. 181-199 (19)
Jorge Felipe Ramírez León*, José Gabriel Rugeles Ortíz, Carolina Ramírez Martínez, Nicolás Prada Ramírez, Gabriel Oswaldo Alonso Cuéllar
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Safety and Effectiveness of the Endoscopic Rhizotomy for the Treatment of Facet-Related Chronic Low Back Pain

- Pp. 200-220 (21)
Ralf Rothoerl*, Stefan Hellinger, Anthony Yeung, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski
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Visualized Endoscopic Radiofrequency Ablation of Sinuvertebral Nerve and Basivertebral Nerve for Chronic Discogenic Back Pain

- Pp. 221-232 (12)
Pang Hung Wu, Hyeun Sung Kim, Il-Tae Jang
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Endoscopic Resection of Schwannoma in the Psoas Major Muscle

- Pp. 233-241 (9)
Yan Yuqu, Bu Rongqiang, Zhang Xifeng*, An Sixing
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Endoscopic Uninstrumented Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion with Allograft for Surgical Management of Endstage Degenerative Vacuum Disc Disease

- Pp. 242-255 (14)
Álvaro Dowling*, James Gerald Hernández Bárcenas, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski
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Full Endoscopic Endplate Decortication and Vertebral Mobilization Technique of Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion for Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

- Pp. 256-269 (14)
Ji-Yeon Kim, Hyeun Sung Kim*, Jang Il-Tae
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Technical Pearls for Difficult Cases, Controversies and Complications of Lumbar Endoscopy

- Pp. 270-289 (20)
Ji-Yeon Kim, Hyeun sung Kim*, Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Tae Jang
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Treatment of Degenerative Lumbar Spondylolisthesis with Endoscopic Decompression of the Lumbar Spinal Canal

- Pp. 290-299 (10)
Zhang Xifeng*, Yan Yuqiu, Yuan Huafeng, Cong Qiang, Wu Shang
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Subject Index

- Pp. 300-307 (8)
Kai-Uwe Lewandrowski, Jorge Felipe Ramírez León, Anthony Yeung, Hyeun-Sung Kim, Xifeng Zhang, Gun Choi, Stefan Hellinger, Álvaro Dowling
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