Chapter 7

Exploitation of Normal Shallow Geothermal Energy for Heating and Cooling Applications

Michalis Gr. Vrachopoulos, Maria K. Koukou and Nikolaos P. Tsolakoglou


The main objective of this chapter is to provide a fully and comprehensive introduction to geothermal systems that exploit normal (or swallow) geothermal energy including construction and designing guidelines. The necessity to decrease power consumption and consequently cost led to the integration of these systems to cover heating, cooling and domestic hot water loads in domestic or even industrial facilities. Basic operational and construction guidelines concerning all possible geothermal plants (closed or open loop) are provided along with representing drawings. The chapter is divided into various sections focusing on certain issues. It begins with basic geological information regarding the ability of the subsoil to absorb or supply heat via the integrated heat exchanger. Subsequently, a summary on the operation of heat pumps in general and the advantages of geothermal pumps is provided. Then, the two main categories of geothermal loops are analyzed: closed loop horizontal or vertical geothermal exchangers and open loop system installations. Finally, the proposed methodology to follow when such a system should be designed is discussed, containing cost elements issues of such systems.

Total Pages: 324-368 (45)

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