Editors: Emmanuel D. Rogdakis, Irene P. Koronaki

Series Title: Recent Advances in Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Engineering: Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydrogen and Geothermal Energy Systems

Volume 3

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ISBN: 978-1-68108-720-7 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-68108-719-1 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2018
DOI: 10.2174/97816810871911180301


Researchers, politicians and lay persons around the world agree that renewable energy technologies will play an increasingly important role in strengthening national economies in the future. The renewable energy industry has the potential to significantly increase power capacity of several countries and subsequently create many jobs.

This book examines recent advances in specific renewable energy systems. Readers will learn about theoretical and applied perspectives which are key to addressing the major issues associated with such systems. Chapters cover solar energy systems, thermal energy storage, bioenergy, hydrogen production, geothermal energy and measurement techniques for these energy systems. Students in engineering programs, and engineers working in academia and the renewable energy sector will be able to broaden their understanding of complex renewable energy projects through the comprehensive overview of both the fundamental concepts and the technical issues covered in the text.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Emmanuel D. Rogdakis, Irene P. Koronaki
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iii-iv (2)
Emmanuel D. Rogdakis, Irene P. Koronaki
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Solar Thermal Energy Systems

- Pp. 1-69 (69)
Sonia Fereres
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Thermal Energy Storage Systems for a Global Sustainable Growth: Current Status and Future Trends

- Pp. 70-118 (49)
Irene P. Koronaki, Michael T. Nitsas, Efstratios G. Papoutsis
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Solar Energy Utilization in Buildings

- Pp. 119-165 (47)
Christos Tzivanidis, Evangelos Bellos
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Applications of Bioenergy - Modeling of Anaerobic Digestion

- Pp. 166-237 (72)
Emmanouil D. Rogdakis, Panagiotis I. Bitsikas
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Wind Power Contribution in Achieving Global Renewable Energy Targets: Current Status and Future Prospects

- Pp. 238-271 (34)
John K. Kaldellis, Dimitrios Apostolou
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Hydrogen Production and Storage

- Pp. 272-323 (52)
Tryfon Roumpedakis, Petros Vlavakis, Konstantinos Braimakis, Dimitrios Grimekis, Sotirios Karellas
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Exploitation of Normal Shallow Geothermal Energy for Heating and Cooling Applications

- Pp. 324-368 (45)
Michalis Gr. Vrachopoulos, Maria K. Koukou, Nikolaos P. Tsolakoglou
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Measurement Systems for Renewable Energy

- Pp. 369-388 (20)
A. A. Nikoglou, P. K. Rouni, E. P. Hinis
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Subject Index

- Pp. 389-400 (12)
Emmanuel D. Rogdakis, Irene P. Koronaki
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.Multidimensional Nanomaterials for Supercapacitors: Next Generation Energy Storage.
.The Production of Biodiesel and Related Fuel Additives.
.Solar Thermal Systems: Thermal Analysis and its Application.
.Image Processing in Renewable Energy Resources: Opportunities and Challenges.