Author: Arturo Solís Herrera

Melanin, the Master Molecule

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Year of Publication: 2018
DOI: 10.2174/97816810865381180101


Melanin is a biological molecule associated with pigmentation in humans and animals. However, melanin has been observed to have other functions such as neuroprotection and energy production. In Melanin, the Master Molecule,researchers summarize several decades worth of knowledge on melanin and its physicochemical properties. Nine chapters explain the intrinsic biochemistry of melanin, comparisons with conventional energy producing and respiratory biomolecules, the property of melanin to transform light energy into chemical energy through the dissociation of the water molecule, and the theories of melanin based energy production in the nervous system, the cell nucleus, muscles and the eye, and the role the role of melanin in the context of ageing. The authors also delve into the possibility of melanin being the key molecule needed to spark life since its water dissociating property through the absorption of light energy emulates the role of chlorophyll, but unlike the latter, it is not limited to the plant cell environment. Hence, melanin is referred to as the master molecule which can provide a missing link to the biochemical processes behind the origin of life.

Melanin, the Master Molecule is an exciting reference for biochemists and laymen interested in the science of melanin and a new perspective on the origin of life as we know it.


This book is the result of more than two decades of research, which began with a simple question: what can we do to try to stop the inexorable advance of the three leading causes of blindness in Mexico and that are also all over the world?

The answer was not simple, because despite my best efforts as an ophthalmologist, my patients were losing vision both for glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration by age. And the statistical information at the local level, regional and global showed that the incidence and prevalence of these diseases remained unchanged, which meant that the treatments available, by expensive, heroic, sophisticated or pompous to be called were not result.

Research we propose, initiated in 1990, was only intended to find morphological changes in vessels that emerge and penetrate (arteries and veins, respectively) into the optic nerve head, which can be used as indicators of early disease, enabling early treatment.

Nobody thought that the research would be more fruitful than we could even imagine. Twelve years later, in February 2002, was stunned at the results: the melanin was able to dissociate the water molecule.

At that time I was aware of that the result was important, even I thought that already knew many researchers; so it continued working on developing strategies that would allow me to modulate the activity of melanin, as years before understanding as acted, I had noticed that when melanin appeared to be active, the ocular tissues were in a better State than when melanin seemed "off".

It wasn't until 2005, listening to a speech by the then president Bush, who literally said "We need substances that remove hydrogen from water to enter fully into the era of hydrogen".

And I kept thinking about: because not used melanin? Greener want it? We have it all. I began to read to trying to find the answer, and a few months later I came to the conclusion: do not use it because they have not realized. So I decided to start the procedure of patent.

Arturo Solís Herrera
Human Photosynthesis® Study Center
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Aguascalientes, 20127


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