Chapter 14

On the Contribution of Industrial Economics to Development Economics: The Example of Food Safety and Food Security Issues in Developing Countries

Abdelhakim Hammoudi


This chapter investigates how industrial economics modeling can be particularly useful to analyze development issues in a context of food safety regulations. The chapter shows how such a modeling is necessary to understand, in such a context, the evolution of vertical relations in the South supply chains, the mechanism of price formation in less-developed economies subject to food safety constraints, the evolution of supply (quantitatively and qualitatively), food risk, etc. To answer the specific economic development issue associated with such a context, the chapter shows that it is necessary to revisit and rework the usual theoretical frameworks of industrial economics to take account of the multitude of actors in the supply chains, the multitude of typologies of marketing channels and the resulting strategic interactions.

Total Pages: 254-276 (23)

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