Chapter 5

Interceptive Treatment

George Litsas


Early diagnosis and successful treatment of developing malocclusions can have both short-term and long-term benefits while achieving the goals of occlusal harmony and function and dentofacial aesthetics. Guidance of eruption and the development of permanent dentition is an integral component of comprehensive oral health care for all paediatric orthodontic patients. Such guidance should contribute to the development of a permanent dentition that is in a stable, functional, and aesthetically acceptable occlusion and normal subsequent dentofacial development. The purpose of this chapter with the question-answer format is to provide the principles for proper occlusal guidance, prevention of developing malocclusions and proper interceptive orthodontic treatment during the mixed dentition period. In the second part of the chapter, a series of clinical examples and the paediatric orthodontic intervention treatment are provided.

Total Pages: 98-126 (29)

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