Editor: Mehdi Razavi

Series Title: Frontiers in Biomaterials

Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Volume 5

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Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810857841170501


Tissue engineering is an interdisciplinary field which involves the fabrication of tissues by using a porous protein scaffold, cells and bioactive molecules. The aim of tissue engineering is to enhance medical applications and procedures. This volume introduces the reader to the basics of employing pluripotent stem cells in tissue engineering. Successive chapters present knowledge about relevant tissue engineering techniques in different medical and physiological specialties including dentistry, cardiovascular physiology, hepatology, nephrology, dermatology and orthopedics.

The text offers a wealth of information that will be of use to all students, bioengineers, materials scientists, chemists, physicians and surgeons concerned with the properties, performance, and the application of tissue engineering scaffolds in clinical settings.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Julian R. Jones
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- Pp. iii
Mehdi Razavi
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List of Contributors

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Mehdi Razavi
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Stem Cell-based Modalities: From Basic Biology to Integration and Regeneration

- Pp.
Ruodan Xu, Wenjin Shi, Pingping Nie, Runzhe Chen, Ning Li, Mehdi Razavi, Wanting Niu, Abdulmonem Alshihri
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Dental Tissue Engineering and Regeneration; Perspectives on Stem Cells, Bioregulators, and Porous Scaffolds

- Pp. 36-76 (41)
Perihan Selcan Gungor-Ozkerim, Abdulmonem Alshihri
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Cardiovascular System Tissue Engineering

- Pp. 77-99 (23)
Kai Zhu, Margaux Duchamp, Julio Aleman, Wanting Niu, Abdulmonem Alshihri, Yu Shrike Zhang, Ming Yan
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Liver and Kidney Tissue Engineering

- Pp. 100-111 (12)
Fatemeh Khatami, Mehdi Razavi, Yi-Nan Zhang
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Skin Substitutes: Current Applications and Challenges

- Pp. 112-130 (19)
Fatemeh Khatami, Reza M. Robati, Monireh Torabi-Rahvar, Wanting Niu
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Stem Cells and Scaffolds: Strategies for Musculoskeletal System Tissue Engineering

- Pp. 131-169 (39)
Mahboubeh Nabavinia, Ding Weng, Yi-Nan Zhang, Wanting Niu
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Subject Index

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Mehdi Razavi
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.Stem Cells in Clinical Application and Productization.
.Stem Cell Delivery Routes: From Preclinical Models to Clinical Applications.
.The Regeneration Promise: The Facts behind Stem Cell Therapies.
.Vascularization in Tissue Engineering.
.Bioderived Materials: Harnessing Nature for Advanced Biochemical Handiwork.
.Biomaterial Fabrication Techniques.
.Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering.
.Unfolding the Biopolymer Landscape.