Chapter 2

Metabolic Syndrome and Inflammation: Interrelated Aspects and Biomarkers Involved

Jose Pedregosa-Díaz, María Henar García-Lagunar and María Dolores Albaladejo-Otón


Metabolic syndrome is considered a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors that are presented both in a single individual. They include insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, hypertension and central obesity. Metabolic syndrome is related to systemic alterations that involve several tissues, such as liver, muscle, adipose tissue, stomach and immune system, varying the production of many biomolecules. Due to the main outcome of this clinical state being cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome has become a significant clinical priority.This global disturbance can be first detected and monitored later by several plasmatic biomarkers. This chapter intends to review a battery of avant-garde biomarkers related to metabolic syndrome.

Total Pages: 23-56 (34)

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.MicroRNAs and Cardiovascular Disease.