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The Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) – Production and Research

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Year of Publication: 2017
DOI: 10.2174/97816810841761170101


This handbook aims at focusing on the husbandry of the common water buffalo, (Bubalis bubalis). The book covers a broad range of topics such as the buffalo’s genetic evolution, cytogenetics, subspecies, breed diversification, feeding and metabolic specificity, adaptable response to environmental stress factors, welfare, dairy requirements and production, reproduction and embryo technologies, cryopreservation, sperm cell sexing, somatic cell cloning and transgenesis.

Chapters presented and reviewed in this book have been by contributed by renowned scientists that have devoted years of research to the understanding of this species, and highlight the most recent advances in basic and applied science to unveil the understanding of physiological facets intrinsic to this animal species.

The depth of the selected topics makes this book especially suited for readers of all academic levels of study. Researchers, students and professionals will find this book a useful guide to breeding and farming the water buffalo.

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AK Misra
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Giorgio A. Presicce
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv-vi (3)
Giorgio A. Presicce
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River and Swamp Buffaloes: History, Distribution and their Characteristics

- Pp. 3-31 (29)
Claro N. Mingala, Marvin A. Villanueva, Libertado C. Cruz
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The Cytogenetics of the Water Buffalo

- Pp. 32-49 (18)
Alessandra Iannuzzi, Leopoldo Iannuzzi
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Molecular Genetics and Selection in Dairy Buffaloes: The Italian Situation

- Pp. 50-68 (19)
Alfredo Pauciullo, Leopoldo Iannuzzi
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Animal - Environment Interaction: Buffalo Behavior and Welfare

- Pp. 69-104 (36)
Fabio Napolitano, Corrado Pacelli, Ada Braghieri, Fernando Grasso, Giuseppe De Rosa
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Thermal Balance in the Buffalo Species

- Pp. 105-144 (40)
Ramesh C. Upadhyay, Narongsak Chaiyabutr
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Feed Resources, Rumen Fermentation, Manipulation and Production in Swamp Buffalo: A Review

- Pp. 145-179 (35)
Metha Wanapat, V. Chanthakhoun, R. Pilajun, P. Khejornsart
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Protein Digestion and Metabolism in Buffalo

- Pp. 180-195 (16)
Vo Thi Kim Thanh, Egil Robert Orskov
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Influence of Seasonality on Buffalo Production

- Pp. 196-224 (29)
Luigi Zicarelli
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Buffalo Dairy Production: A Review

- Pp. 225-261 (37)
Marco A. Zava, Marina Sansinena
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Buffalo Milk Characteristics and By-Products

- Pp. 262-297 (36)
Marco A. Zava, Marina Sansinena
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Parasitological Scenario of Buffalo Farms in Central and Southern Italy: A Review

- Pp. 298-312 (15)
Antonio Bosco, Laura Rinaldi, Maria Paola Maurelli, Giuseppe Cringoli
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Folliculogenesis and Ovarian Physiology Applied to Reproductive Biotechnologies in Buffaloes

- Pp. 313-319 (7)
Antonio Bosco, Laura Rinaldi, Maria Paola Maurelli, Giuseppe Cringoli, Pietro Sampaio Baruselli
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Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer in the Buffalo Species

- Pp. 340-373 (34)
Gianluca Neglia, Giovanna Bifulco
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Applied Reproductive Technologies in the Buffalo Species

- Pp. 374-433 (60)
Bianca Gasparrini
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Buffalo Cloning and Transgenesis

- Pp. 434-472 (39)
Gautam Kumar Deb, Rangsun Parnpai, Il Keun Kong
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Subject Index

- Pp. 473-483 (11)
Giorgio A. Presicce
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