Chapter 3

Some Counterintelligence Methods

Teodora Ivanusa


Even though the greater part of intelligence has moved into virtual space, this is not the case with counterintelligence: its essential, core part still remains moored in the real world. Modern technology cannot replace people, especially not in counterintelligence, which is why fundamental counterintelligence methods are rooted in people and human activity. Today's counterintelligence methods and methodics are similar and even identical to those from the past, except that they have adapted to technological advances and societal changes; the methodology of counterintelligence, however, remains unchanged. Some fundamental counterintelligence methods are examined, which have not significantly changed through history—we are referring to the use of double combination and the process of handling double agents, moles, defectors, covert surveillance of people, things, and facilities, denial, deception, counterintelligence protection, counter-surveillance, counter-denial, and counterdeception.

Total Pages: 43-109 (67)

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