Editor: David J. Hill

Series Title: Current and Future Developments in Physiology

Control of Pancreatic Beta Cell Function and Plasticity in Health and Diabetes

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810836501160101


Plasticity in insulin-producing cells (β-cells) of the pancreas is a major contributor to metabolic control. Targeted regeneration of pancreatic β-cells for the reversal of diabetes (by optimizing β-cells mass and proliferation to meet metabolic requirements and counter autoimmune response) is still a theoretical intervention. This monograph reviews the biology, ontogeny, capabilities, and present practical limitations of β-cell plasticity. Relevant biochemical pathways are described with the inclusion of information about how they change with aging, during pregnancy, and with diet. Readers will learn the following key aspects about β-cell plasticity:

-current knowledge of pancreatic β-cells development, and how β-cell mass and proliferation change throughout the human lifespan

-the mechanisms responsible for β-cell plasticity, based on animal models and clinical studies revealing environmental, epigenetic, endocrine and paracrine regulators

-the therapeutic potential of resident stem cells within the pancreas / bone marrow and β-cell progenitors

This monograph is essential reading for researchers interested in updated knowledge about the molecular and cellular biology of β-cells in the quest to find a reliable therapy for diabetes.


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Fraser W. Scott
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David J. Hill
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List of Contributors

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David J. Hill
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Understanding the Developmental Biology of β-Cells as a Strategy for Diabetes Reversal

- Pp. 3-19 (17)
Bertrand Duvillié, Benjamin Broche, Angela Herengt Darmon, Paul Richards
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Aging and β-Cell Proliferation, Molecular and Signaling Changes and What This Means for Targeted Regeneration

- Pp. 20-41 (22)
Aaron R. Cox
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Human β-Cell Mass and Distribution in Health, Aging and Diabetes

- Pp. 42-57 (16)
Jonas L. Fowler, Ananta Poudel, Manami Hara
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Gestational Programming of β-Cell Mass and Pancreatic Function in the Next Generation

- Pp. 58-83 (26)
David J. Hill
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Malprogramming of β-Cell Function by a Dietary Modification in the Immediate Postnatal Period

- Pp. 84-106 (23)
Mulchand S. Patel, Saleh Mahmood
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New Concepts in the Intra-Islet Control of β-Cell Function and Mass

- Pp. 107-122 (16)
Brian T. Layden, Stephanie Villa, William L. Lowe
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β-Cell Adaptability During Pregnancy

- Pp. 123-168 (46)
Jens Høiriis Nielsen, Signe Horn, Jeannette Kirkegaard, Amarnadh Nallax, Birgitte Søstrup
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β-Cells from Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells and Progenitors

- Pp. 169-189 (21)
Christine A. Beamish
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Induction of β-Cell Regeneration by Human Postnatal Stem Cells

- Pp. 190-223 (34)
Tyler T. Cooper, Ruth M. Elgamal, David A. Hess
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Subject Index

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David J. Hill
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