Chapter 9

Current Proteomic Studies for New Concept in Stem Cell Biology

Cristiana Pistol Tanase, Elena Codrici, Ionela Daniela Popescu, Simona Mihai, Laura Necula and Radu Albulescu


Recent studies on stem cells and protein interactions using proteomics approaches have yielded novel perception on processes regulating development and stem cell biology. The development of stem cell approaches has evolved in the postgenomic era and the implementation of proteomic applications represents a great challenge.

Understanding the mechanism that controls stem cell pluripotency, self-renewal and differentiation will also improve the ability to develop stem cell-based therapies. </p><p> Current proteomics studies of stem cell signaling pathway can lead to the discovery of molecular mechanisms that govern cell-cell interaction and/or with stem cell niche. </p><p> Stem cells represent an important potential therapeutical approach, both in regenerative medicine and tumor pathology, allowing the understanding of the mechanisms that underlie the biology of these cells.

Total Pages: 235-280 (46)

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