Editors: Dulce Elena Casarini, Danielle Yuri Arita, Juliana Almada Colucci, Tatiana Sousa Cunha

New Aspects of the Renin Angiotensin System in Cardiovascular and Renal Diseases

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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810831311160101


The renin-angiotensin system (RAS) is a hormonal system that is responsible for regulating plasma sodium ion concentration and arterial blood pressure in the body. The system involves several peptides such as angiotensin I and II as well as angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) to enable the constriction of arterial blood vessels in the lung. Angiotensin II also stimulates the production of the hormone aldosterone in the kidneys which brings sodium ions into the bloodstream in exchange for potassium ions. Malfunctions of the RAS can lead to hypertension, heart failure, diabetes and renal complications. Thus the biochemical components of this system serve as important targets for therapeutic drugs.

This monograph is a compilation of updated reviews on the RAS. The monograph covers describes the components of the system to explaining its physiological and clinical features in the cardiovascular system and the kidneys. This is followed by sections explaining the biochemistry of the RAS system in cardiovascular and renal disease and the pharmacology of relevant therapeutic drugs. Additional information on the effect of exercise states and methods to quantify angiotensins for molecular diagnosis is also presented in the concluding sections.

Information in the monograph will be of interest to physiologists and endocrinologists involved in medical studies or clinical practice. Readers will be able to understand the RAS with a holistic frame of reference.


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L. Gabriel Navar
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Danielle Yuri Arita, Tatiana Sousa Cunha, Juliana Almada Colucci, Dulce Elena Casarini
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List of Contributors

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Danielle Yuri Arita, Tatiana Sousa Cunha, Juliana Almada Colucci, Dulce Elena Casarini
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Renin Angiotensin System: Old System with New Different Components

- Pp. 3-14 (12)
Danielle Yuri Arita, Rosana Inácio dos Reis, Bruno Sevá Pessôa, Dulce Elena Casarini
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The Important Role of Systemic and Local Renin- Angiotensin System

- Pp. 15-44 (30)
Danielle Sanches Aragão, Lilian Saemi Arita, Rodrigo Yokota, Lilian dos Santos, Larissa Emi Matsumoto, Marie Doki Nogueira, Fernanda Aparecida Ronchi, Danielle Yuri Arita
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Renin-Angiotensin System and Cardiovascular Physiology

- Pp. 45-78 (34)
Maria Cláudia Irigoyen, Kátia De Angelis, Ivana Cinthya de Moraes da Silva, Silvia Lacchini, Janaina Barcellos Ferreira, Kátia Bilhar Scapini, Fernanda Marciano Consolim-Colombo
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Cardiac Intracellular Renin-Angiotensin System

- Pp. 79-91 (13)
Rajesh Kumar, Kenneth M. Baker, Wen Chen, Larissa Miranda Pereira, Candice M. Thomas, Qian Chen Yong
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Angiotensin-(1-7) in the Heart

- Pp. 92-109 (18)
Rodrigo Araújo Fraga-Silva, Anderson José Ferreira, Robson Augusto Souza dos Santos
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Essential Roles of Renin-Angiotensin System in the Kidney

- Pp. 110-137 (28)
Ingrid Kazue Mizuno Watanabe, Zaira Palomino Jara, Roberto Mesquita Soler, Nestor Schor, Flavia F. Jung
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Renin-Angiotensin System Along the Nephron and its Role in Hypertension

- Pp. 138-153 (16)
Alexis A. Gonzalez, L. Gabriel Navar, Minolfa C. Prieto
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Tonin: An Overview and Functional Analysis

- Pp. 154-174 (21)
Fernanda Rezende, Amanda Aparecida Ribeiro, Zaira Palomino Jara, Valéria Alves Fernades, Mercia de Paula Lima, Dulce Elena Casarini, Jorge Luiz Pesquero
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ACE Gene “Dosage” and Cardiovascular and Renal Disease

- Pp. 175-193 (19)
José Geraldo Mill, Alexandre Costa Pereira, Rebeca Caldeira Machado, Ludimila Forechi, Marcelo Perim Baldo, José Eduardo Krieger
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The ACE2 – Angiotensin (1-7)-Mas Receptor Axis in the Kidney

- Pp. 194-216 (23)
Mark C. Chappell, Bryan A. Wilson, Allyson C. Marshall, Ebaa M. Al Zayadneh, James C. Rose, Debra I. Diz, Hossam A. Shaltout
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Renin Receptors in Cardiovascular and Renal Diseases

- Pp. 217-231 (15)
A.H. Jan Danser
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Renal Physiology and Immune System: The Role of Renin-Angiotensin System, Nitric Oxide and Catecholamines

- Pp. 232-249 (18)
Tatiana Sousa Cunha, Danielle Yuri Arita, Ingrid Kazue Mizuno Watanabe, Juliana Dineia Perez Brandao, Lys Angela Favaroni Mendes Salgado Ribeiro, Danielle Sanches Aragao, Dulce Elena Casarini
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Cardiovascular and Behavioral Effects of Emotional Stress: The Participation of Renin- Angiotensin System

- Pp. 250-274 (25)
Fernanda Klein Marcondes, Vander José das Neves, Rafaela Costa, Andrea Sanches, Tatiana Sousa Cunha, Maria José Costa Sampaio Moura, Dulce Elena Casarini
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Exercise and Renin Angiotensin System

- Pp. 275-321 (47)
Tatiana Sousa Cunha, Kleiton Augusto Santos Silva, Andrea Sanches, Sebastiao Donato Silva Jr., Vanessa Oliveira, Lilia Firoozmand, Fernanda Klein Marcondes, Lisete C. Michelini
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Renin-Angiotensin System in Animal Models of Diabetes and Hypertension

- Pp. 322-336 (15)
Roseli Peres Moreira, Nadia de Sousa da Cunha Bertoncello, Rodolfo Mattar Rosa, Isabela Bezerra Loyola, Juliana Dineia Perez Brandao, Juliana Almada Colucci
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Quantification of Angiotensins: Is there a Consensus in the Literature?

- Pp. 337-358 (22)
Zaira Palomino Jara, Andreia Cristina Febba Gomes, Fernanda Barrinha Fernandes, Dale M Seth, Minolfa C. Prieto, L. Gabriel Navar, Dulce Elena Casarini
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Subject Index

- Pp. 359-371 (13)
Danielle Yuri Arita, Tatiana Sousa Cunha, Juliana Almada Colucci, Dulce Elena Casarini
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