Editors: Luís Rodrigues da Silva, Branca Maria Silva

Natural Bioactive Compounds from Fruits and Vegetables as Health Promoters: Part 1

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Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810823941160101


Plants have been widely used to treat diseases, owing to the presence of bioactive compounds (phytochemicals) which play important roles in health promotion and disease prevention. In recent years, advances in chemical extraction techniques, lifestyle and dietary choices for human health have increased the interest in the consumption and study of fruits, vegetables, and foods enriched with bioactive compounds and nutraceuticals. Thousands of dietary phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, phenolic acids, glucosinolates, terpenes and alkaloids, have been identified and categorized further according to a diverse array of biochemical properties. Many of these phytochemicals have been hypothesized to reduce the risk of several pathological conditions which include life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer, to name a few.

Natural Bioactive Compounds from Fruits and Vegetables as Health Promoters is a 2 book set which presents a summary of different classes of phytochemicals commonly found in common edible food sources. Each chapter details the general chemical structures of compounds, naturally present in specific fruits, vegetables and grains, their biological importance and mechanisms of action.

The book set is an essential handbook for anyone interested in the natural product chemistry of these common crops.

Part 1 of this set covers details about different fruits (banana, citrus fruits, pears, etc.). Part 2 covers legumes, nuts, seeds and cereals.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Jose Alberto Pereira, Susana Casal
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- Pp. iii
Luis Rodrigues da Silva, Branca Silva
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv-vi (3)
Luis Rodrigues da Silva, Branca Silva
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Bioactive Compounds and Health-Promoting Properties of Ficus carica (L.): A Review

- Pp. 3-28 (26)
Ana R. Nunes, Marco G. Alves, Pedro F. Oliveira, Luis R. Silva, Branca M. Silva
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Bioactive Compounds of Citrus as Health Promoters

- Pp. 29-97 (69)
Amilcar Duarte, Catarina Carvalho, Graca Miguel
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Bioactive Compounds of Apples and Pears as Health Promoters

- Pp. 98-109 (12)
Andrea Catalina Galvis-Sánchez, Ada Rocha
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Stone Fruits as a Source of Bioactive Compounds

- Pp. 110-142 (33)
Juliana Vinholes, Daniel Pens Gelain, Marcia Vizzotto
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Pomegranate (Punica granatum): A Natural Approach to Combat Oxidative Stress-Related Diseases

- Pp. 143-179 (37)
Ana Paula Duarte, Angelo Luis, Fernanda C. Domingues
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Nutritional and Functional Properties of Edible Berries: Implications For Health Claims

- Pp. 180-206 (27)
Amadeo Girones-Vilaplana, Cristina Garcia-Viguera, Diego A. Moreno, Ral Dominguez-Perles
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Bioactive Compounds of Tropical Fruits as Health Promoters

- Pp. 207-243 (37)
Iris Feria Romero, Christian Guerra-Araiza, Hermelinda Salgado Ceballos, Juan M. Gallardo, Julia J. Segura-Uribe, Sandra Orozco-Suarez
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Bioactive Compounds from Amazonian Fruits and their Antioxidant Properties

- Pp. 244-264 (21)
Renan C. Chiste, Eduarda Fernandes
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Bioactive Compounds of Banana as Health Promoters

- Pp. 265-283 (19)
Aline Pereira, Rodolfo Moresco, Marcelo Maraschin
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Luis Rodrigues da Silva, Branca Silva
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