Editors: Viness Pillay, Yahya E. Choonara, Pradeep Kumar

Series Title: Frontiers in Biomaterials

Unfolding the Biopolymer Landscape

Volume 2

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ISSN: 2468-0168 (Print)
ISSN: 2352-3921 (Online)
ISBN: 978-1-68108-196-0 (Print)
ISBN: 978-1-68108-195-3 (Online)
Year of Publication: 2016
DOI: 10.2174/97816810819531160201


The need for the development of biomaterials as scaffold for tissue regeneration is driven by the increasing demands for materials that mimic functions of extracellular matrices of body tissues. Unfolding the Biopolymer Landscape provides a unique account of “biopolymeric interventions” inherent to biotechnological applications, soft tissue engineering, ophthalmic drug delivery, biotextiles, environmentally responsive systems, neurotherapeutics, and emulsions-based formulations for food and pharmaceutical applications. Chapters in this volume also cover biomedical applications and implications of cationic polymers, collagen-based substrates, multifunctional polymers, shape memory biopolymers, hybrid semisynthetic biomaterials, microbial exopolysaccharides, biomaterials mimicking the extracellular microenvironment, derivatized polysaccharides, and metallic biomaterials.

Each chapter is distinctly written by experts in the respective fields and emphasis is given on the mechanistic profile of the performance of biopolymers and biomedical applications. This book provides both basic and advanced biopolymer information for scientific experts and early career researchers in the field of drug delivery, tissue engineering, nanomedicine, food technology, peptide science, biomaterial design, and nutrition.


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