Editor: Jianxun Song

Series Title: Frontiers in Cancer Immunology

Cancer Immunotherapy: Mechanisms of Cancer Immunity, Engineering Immune-Based Therapies and Developing Clinical Trials

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2015


Clinicians, patients and scientists, alike, have been battling cancer for over several decades; however, patient outcomes have not significantly improved over the years with conventional therapies. In recent years, this has caused researchers to look for a change in the status quo, and, the awareness of the human immune system, which has an intrinsic mechanism to control microbial pathogens and dysfunctional self-tissues, has triggered scientists to look for new modes of cancer therapy. Cancer Immunotherapy has become a major research field as a result of these efforts, gaining some recognition for notable breakthroughs in cancer patient prognosis. Frontiers in Cancer Immunology collectively presents the methods which have been studied and used in cancer immunotherapy based on the different components of human immune system. The series will give clinicians and immunologists a roadmap of current trends in all branches of cancer immunology. This volume lists the major immune system components (such as T cells and NK cells and associated antigens/antibodies) which have been demonstrated to limit the growth of or kill tumor cells. Relevant applications in cancer therapy are also included in addition to a general introduction to engineered as well as targeted cancer immunotherapies (cancer vaccines).


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Thomas P. Loughran
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- Pp. ii-iii (2)
Jianxun Song
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv-vi (3)
Jianxun Song
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Introduction: Tumor and the Host Immune System

- Pp. 3-24 (22)
Fengyang Lei, Mohammad Haque, Kristin Fino, Xiaofang Xiong, Jianxun Song
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T Cell-Based Immunotherapy

- Pp. 25-46 (22)
Tania G. Rodríguez-Cruz, Stephen Gottschalk
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NK Cell-Based Immunotherapy

- Pp. 47-68 (22)
Adam W. Mailloux, Pearlie K. Epling-Burnette
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The Basics of Cancer Immunity Dc-Based Immunotherapy: Gliomas as a Paradigm Disease?

- Pp. 69-90 (22)
Steven De Vleeschouwer
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Cytokines in Cancer Immunotherapy: The Yin and Yang Aspects of IL-12 Family of Cytokines

- Pp. 91-104 (14)
Zhenzhen Liu, Yun Shi, Ming-Song Li, Xue-Feng Bai
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Genetically Engineered T Cell Immunotherapy for Gliomas and Other Solid Tumors

- Pp. 105-122 (18)
Richard G. Everson, Colin C. Malone, Kate L. Erickson, Elena I. Fomchenko, Robert M. Prins, Linda M. Liau, Carol A. Kruse
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Therapeutic Antibody Engineering

- Pp. 123-145 (23)
Anatoliy Markiv
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Interferon-Alfa as a Vaccine Adjuvant

- Pp. 146-171 (26)
Megan C. Duggan, William E. Carson III
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Targeting T Cell Costimulation

- Pp. 172-201 (30)
Yangbing Zhao
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Regeneration of Tumor Antigen-Specific T Cells Using iPSC Technology

- Pp. 202-214 (13)
Hiroshi Kawamoto
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Neutralizing Regulatory T Cells

- Pp. 215-235 (21)
Ivan Shevchenko, Viktor Umansky
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Cancer Vaccines: Current Status and Future Perspectives

- Pp. 236-258 (23)
Yu Sawada, Toshiaki Yoshikawa, Kazuya Ofuji, Mayuko Sakai, Tetsuya Nakatsura
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Summary and Short-Term Outlook

- Pp. 259-268 (10)
Jianxun Song
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- Pp. 269-274 (6)
Jianxun Song
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