Editors: Judith Wylie-Rosett, Sunil S. Jhangiani

Obesity and Disease in an Interconnected World: A Systems Approach to Turn Huge Challenges into Amazing Opportunities

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Year of Publication: 2015


Globalization and economic progress has been accompanied with an increase in the incidence of obesity, cardiovascular disease and other non-communicable illnesses worldwide. Obesity and Disease in an Interconnected World examines how these rising epidemics of obesity and other lifestyle problems are changing health guidelines globally - from directing health care professionals on how to care for individuals, to encouraging them to embrace the interconnected systems involved in chronic disease risk management, prevention and treatment. With a focus on systems, this reference serves as an excellent resource on how to develop a more comprehensive approach to population health. Starting with a systematic approach to health risk assessment in section one, followed by a targeted approach to risk reduction and prevention in section two, the eBook moves along seamlessly into section three calling for a shared responsibility towards strengthening health systems globally that can help determine and improve upon the health of individuals, and societies across the world.

Obesity and Disease in an Interconnected World gives applicable concepts to readers in a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to alter health systems and implement changes that promote health and wellness in the communities they serve and live in. The information and resources in this eBook also serve as a guideline for collaborations across professional associations with a goal of developing strategic plans to combat obesity and diabetes.


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Peter A. Selwyn
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Judith Wylie-Rosett, Sunil S. Jhangiani
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List of Contributors

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Judith Wylie-Rosett, Sunil S. Jhangiani
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Judith Wylie-Rosett, Sunil S. Jhangiani
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Short Summary with Salient Features

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Judith Wylie-Rosett, Sunil S. Jhangiani
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Lifestyle Diseases in the Modern Era: A Major Threat to Global Health!

- Pp. 3-29 (27)
Sirakarn Tejavanija, Sunil S. Jhangiani
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Overweight and Obesity: It All Starts Here

- Pp. 30-54 (25)
Lindy Fenlason, Doug Heimburger
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Physical Inactivity: A Lazy World

- Pp. 55-67 (13)
Sarah Litman Rendell, Charles Swencionis
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From Starvation to Obesity: How Insulin Resistance Affects Global Health

- Pp. 68-84 (17)
Pooja Raghavan, Dhyan Rajan, Meredith Hawkins
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Moving Beyond Metabolic Syndrome: Assessing Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Risk

- Pp. 85-101 (17)
K. Indulekha, C.S. Pitchumoni, V. Mohan
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Diabetes Mellitus: Is it Type 1 or Type 2? It May Not Be So Easy

- Pp. 102-113 (12)
Jason C. Baker
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From Fatty Liver to Cirrhosis: The Toll Rises!

- Pp. 114-131 (18)
Harmit S. Kalia, Allan W. Wolkoff
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Obesity: Update on Nutrition and Behavioral Strategies

- Pp. 132-148 (17)
Judith Wylie-Rosett, Carlos Marquez
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Obesity and Health: A Primer on Sleep

- Pp. 239-253 (15)
Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani, Kathryn J. Reid
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The Healthy Diet: Easy as 1, 2 and 3

- Pp. 149-162 (14)
Jeannette M. Beasley, Beth A. Conlon
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Regular Physical Activity: A Prescription for Lifelong Health in the Community

- Pp. 163-191 (29)
Philip Haberstro, Lynn Rivers, Mary Stottele
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Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Behavioral Modification

- Pp. 192-214 (23)
Lekshmi Dharmarajan
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Cardiovascular Disease: Addressing Risk Factors

- Pp. 215-238 (24)
Lekshmi Dharmarajan, T.S. Dharmarajan
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Yoga and Meditation: Antidotes to Civilization

- Pp. 254-280 (27)
Sonia Suchday, Yvette Fruchter, Lauren Hagemann, Anthony F. Santoro
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Prescribing Medications for Older Adults: Dealing with Obesity, Misuse, Polypharmacy and Adverse Drug Events!

- Pp. 281-305 (25)
T.S. Dharmarajan, S. Davuluri
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Using Systems Thinking to Understand the Dynamics of Obesity in Low and Middle Income Countries

- Pp. 306-325 (20)
David William Lounsbury, Judith Wylie-Rosett, Beth A. Conlon
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The Effectiveness of Wellness Program Incentives in Reducing the Burden and Cost of Obesity

- Pp. 326-354 (29)
Chloe Cheng, Richard H. Bernstein
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Obesity Interventions: Integration with Community- Based Systems

- Pp. 355-368 (14)
Nichola Davis, Kristie Lancaster, Marcelle Pigananelli
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Life-Course Approach to Obesity Management: The Role of Family and Environment

- Pp. 369-394 (26)
Denise C. Tahara
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From Intervention to Innovation: Health Information Technology

- Pp. 395-415 (21)
Denise C. Tahara, Guy Laufer
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- Pp. 420-428 (9)
Judith Wylie-Rosett, Sunil S. Jhangiani
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