Editors: Ilias P. Vlachos, George Malindretos

Markets, Business and Sustainability

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Year of Publication: 2015


Many studies on environmental and business sustainability have been conducted over the last couple of decades. These studies demonstrate that the concept of sustainability management can be applied to several industries. Consumers around the globe are increasingly interested in sustainable consumption and they turn their attention into sustainable products, thus, campaigning for banning companies and supply chains that do not operate under sustainable ethos.

Markets, Business and Sustainability is a collection of selected reports that examine business sustainability, market sustainability and supply chain sustainability in a variety of contexts and using diverse methodologies. This reference work emphasizes the profound impact of sustainability management on markets and business. Readers are presented with critical analyses on different dimensions of sustainability. This book covers the applications of sustainable management techniques in construction, city logistics and the food industry.

Sustainability management practitioners, consumers, as well as students and academics can enrich their understanding about the business dimension of sustainability and also find references of available literature on the subject. The information presented in this reference is also helpful to senior business leaders seeking to create a vision, mission and strategy for their companies in order to create sustainable value, and an organizational culture of sustainability.

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Ioannis Pollalis
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Ilias P. Vlachos, George Malindretos
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List of Contributors

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Ilias P. Vlachos, George Malindretos
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Ilias P. Vlachos, George Malindretos
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Critical Review on Sustainability and Supply Chain Challenges

- Pp. 3-28 (26)
George Malindretos, Ilias P. Vlachos
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Building Sustainability by Leaning the Construction Supply Chains: A Case Study for Hong Kong

- Pp. 29-50 (22)
Ilias P. Vlachos, Susan Kit Ling Siu
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Sustainable City Logistics Practices for Goods and Waste

- Pp. 51-71 (21)
George Malindretos, Konstadinos Abeliotis
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‘Citizens vs. Consumers: 0 - 1’: Is Consumption Behaviour Congruent with Citizens’ Attitudes towards Sustainable Pork Production?

- Pp. 73-97 (25)
Athanasios Krystallis
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Sustainable Food Supply Chain Networks

- Pp. 99-122 (24)
Jacqueline M. Bloemhof, Jack G.A.J. van der Vorst
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Reverse Logistics in Food Supply Chains

- Pp. 123-144 (22)
Vasileios Zeimpekis, Jacqueline Bloemhof, Michael Bourlakis
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Sustainable Procurement Adding Value to Consumers in Times of Economic Crisis

- Pp. 145-159 (15)
R.N. Lacroix, L. Laios, S. Moschuris
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Resource-Efficient Agri-Food Supply Chains: Setting the Research Agenda

- Pp. 161-172 (12)
Aristides Matopoulos
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Improving Environmental and Economic Performance in the Food Chain; the Lean and Green Paradigm

- Pp. 173-183 (11)
Keivan Zokaei, Ioannis Manikas, Samsad Reza
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Design for Globalized Green Supply Chain Networks with Nearshored Production

- Pp. 185-203 (19)
Eleftherios Iakovou, Dimitrios Vlachos, Maria Chatzipanagioti
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Optimal Planning of Integrated Logistical System Functioning Taking into Account Environment Protection

- Pp. 205-219 (15)
M.Ya. Postan
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Business Markets and Sustainability: The Way Forward

- Pp. 221-227 (7)
Ilias P. Vlachos, George Malindretos
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Subject Index

- Pp. 229-232 (4)
Ilias P. Vlachos, George Malindretos
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