Editors: Laladhas K.P., Oommen V. Oommen, Sudhakaran P.R.

Biodiversity Conservation - Challenges for the Future

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Year of Publication: 2015
DOI: 10.2174/97816810802151150101


Biodiversity Conservation – Challenges for the Future is a multidisciplinary book, linking topics on biodiversity, conservation, food and nutrition, organic farming, food security and sustainable management. The book summarizes the key ideas for meeting the challenges of biodiversity conservation. It presents suggestions and recommendations and reiterates the need for raising awareness among a range of stakeholders about conservation and sustainable management of biological resources and associated traditional knowledge resources along with ensuring appropriate capacity building at individual and institutional levels. The book also brings a wealth of knowledge about the local marine ecosystem and Western Ghats biodiversity.

Readers will find a overview of several aspects of biodiversity ranging from:

  1. - The diversity of flora and fauna which will be of immense benefit to the local community.
  2. - Laws and regulations related to access and benefits of sharing Bio-resources.
  3. - Sustainable management models for marine and wetland environmental conservation.
  4. - Case studies of human participation in biodiversity conservation programmes.
  5. - Key ideas for meeting the challenges of biodiversity conservation and for planning conservation programmes.

Biodiversity Conservation – Challenges for the Future is a handy resource for the local conservationist community consisting of policy makers, academicians, scientists, environmentalists, students and grass root level conservationists.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Balakrishna Pisupati
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- Pp. iii
Laladhas K.P., Oommen V. Oommen, Sudhakaran P.R.
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List of Contributors

- Pp. v-ix (5)
Laladhas K.P., Oommen V. Oommen, Sudhakaran P.R.
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The Diversity and the Ecological Status of Snakes in Kerala Region-A View to Prioritize Conservation Measures

- Pp. 3-26 (24)
Dileep Kumar R., Anaswara Krishnan S., Laladhas K. P., Oommen V. Oommen
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Conservation of Medicinal Plant Resources through Community Born Biodiversity Management Committee, Kerala, India

- Pp. 27-39 (13)
Laladhas K. P., Preetha N., Baijulal B., Oommen V. Oommen
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The State of Frogs in India: A Case for Discontinuation of Use of Frogs in Dissections and Experiments

- Pp. 41-52 (12)
Mohammad A. Akbarsha
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The Role of People’s Participation in the Conservation and Management of Biodiversity and Associated Traditional Knowledge

- Pp. 53-63 (11)
Rajasekharan S.
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Current and Likely Trends in Biodiversity Conservation

- Pp. 65-70 (6)
Rajmohan K.
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Natural Bioresources of North Eastern Region of India - Its Conservation and Proper Utilization

- Pp. 71-88 (18)
Unni B.G., Bharadwaz M., Kalita M., Dey T., Gogoi K., Kalita J., Islam S.J., Dutta P.
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Sacred Groves of Himachal Pradesh: A Traditional Community Practice of Biodiversity Conservation and Testimony of Religious Beliefs

- Pp. 89-96 (8)
Vandana Thaplyal, Ashok Verma
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Population Density and Conservation Status of Indian Gaur (Bos gaurus gaurus) in Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary, Tripura, Northeast India

- Pp. 97-102 (6)
Mary P.P., Debbarma J., Kumar Awadhesh, Gupta A.K.
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Therapeutic Value of Milk of Vechur Cow, the Indigenous Breed of Kerala Listed as Critical by FAO

- Pp. 103-111 (9)
Mohankumar Chinnamma, Anisha Shashidharan, Salini Bhasker
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An Account on Some Endemic Seeds of Southern Western Ghats

- Pp. 113-119 (7)
Anilkumar C., Chitra C. R., Bindu S., Maya P. V., Prajith T. M., Joemon J.
View Abstract

Non Wood Forest Biodiversity for Food Security- Rattans a Case Study

- Pp. 121-126 (6)
Manohara T. N.
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Collective Action on Improving Environmental and Economic Performance of Vegetable Production: Exploring Pesticides Safety in India

- Pp. 127-135 (9)
Sreejith Aravindakshan, Sherief A. K.
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Documentation and Farmer Perception on Biodiversity in Rice Fields of Palakkad District

- Pp. 137-149 (13)
Smitha K.P., Anilkumar A.
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An Initiative towards Achieving the ‘Access and Benefit Sharing’ Provisions of Biodiversity Act 2002 and Rules 2004, India

- Pp. 151-156 (6)
Sudipta Mukherjee, Soumyendra Nath Ghosh, Debal Ray
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Actionable Innovative Financial and Economic Instruments for Biodiversity Conservation in India

- Pp. 157-174 (18)
Damodaran A.
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Green Economics: It’s Impact on Environment and Biodiversity

- Pp. 175-181 (7)
Jayamani C. V.
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Biodiversity Valuation of Marine Ecosystem of the South-West Coast of India with Special Reference to Kerala Coast

- Pp. 183-193 (11)
Joshi K.K., Narayanakumar R., Ranimary George, Molly Varghese, Jasmine S., Srinath K.R., Saravanan S., Somy Kuriakose, Geetha Antony, Geetha P.M., Gimy George
View Abstract

Survey and Assessment of the Status, Issues & Threats to Marine Turtles Along the Kerala Coast

- Pp. 195-202 (8)
Renjan Mathew Varghese
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Synchronous and Rhythmic Light Display by a Panoramic Congregation of Fireflies at Varagaliar, Anamalai Tiger Reserve

- Pp. 203-207 (5)
Mathish Nambiar-Veetil, Selvaraj P., Blessan Santhosh George, Ganesan M., Raghunath T. P., Krishnakumar N.
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Identification, Purification and Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Two Novel Cyclic Peptides from Clitoria ternatea

- Pp. 209-216 (8)
Sudarslal S., Balaram P., Laladhas K. P.
View Abstract

Satellite Based Spectral Signatures of Coastal Wetlands and Mangrove Vegetation of Kasaragod, India

- Pp. 217-220 (4)
Mohammed-Aslam M. A.
View Abstract

Diversity of Stingless Bee Flora in Kerala

- Pp. 221-227 (7)
Devanesan S., Premila K.S., Shailaja K.K.
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Seasonal Variations Influencing the Bryophyte Diversity of Monoculture Plantations in the Southern Western Ghats

- Pp. 229-234 (6)
Kariyappa K.C., Daniels A.E.D.
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Macroinvertebrates Associated with Aquatic Macrophytes Monochoria vaginalis and Eichhornia crassipes in Ponnani Kole

- Pp. 235-240 (6)
Sanila V.K., Razia Beevi M.
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Micropropagation of an Exquisite Orchid, Acampe rigida (Buch. – Ham. Ex J. E. Sm.) P.F. Hunt., Through Embryo Culture

- Pp. 241-247 (7)
Gangaprasad A., Anjusha S., Sibin N.P.
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Biodiversity Conservation - Challenges for Future and Way Forward

- Pp. 249-256 (8)
Preetha N., Laladhas K. P., Oommen V. Oommen
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Author Index

- Pp. 257-258 (2)
Laladhas K.P., Oommen V. Oommen, Sudhakaran P.R.
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Subject Index

- Pp. 259-267 (9)
Laladhas K.P., Oommen V. Oommen, Sudhakaran P.R.
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.Marine Ecosystems: A Unique Source of Valuable Bioactive Compounds.
.Ecological Impacts of Toxic Chemicals.
.Populations, Biocommunities, Ecosystems: A Review of Controversies in Ecological Thinking.
.Biodiversity and Livelihood: Lessons from Community Research in India.