Chapter 6

The Translational Immunology of Trichinellosis: From Rodents to Humans

Fabrizio Bruschi and Maria Angeles Gómez-Morales


Trichinellosis is a worldwide zoonosis caused by the parasitic nematodes belonging to the Trichinella genus. </p><p> In this review we describe some aspects of the host immunity to the different species of Trichinella in humans, as well as in rodents which are one of the most studied experimental models. The role of humoral (antibodies) and cellular (T cells, mast cells, eosinophils and neutrophils), immune responses to this nematode will be considered in experimental as well as in human infections. Particular attention will be paid on the possibility to exploit such knowledge to improve the diagnostic possibilities of infection. Immunopathological aspects of infection will also be considered. </p><p> Finally, the evasion mechanisms of host immune responses exploited by Trichinella and the vaccination perspectives for control will be elucidated.

Total Pages: 125-161 (37)

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