Chapter 3

Applications for Virus Vaccine Vectors in Infectious Disease Research

Kathleen L. Hefferon


As basic knowledge regarding the molecular biology of viruses and their interactions with their hosts improves, virus expression vectors increase in sophistication and their applications in the field of medicine broadens. Virus expression vectors have been used as research tools for generating vaccines and have functioned as delivery vehicles for siRNAs, antiviral agents, and other drug candidates. In this review, vectors based on poxvirus, adeno-associated virus, lentivirus and plant viruses are discussed and examples of their applications are provided. Recent innovations with respect to the use of virus expression vectors for the delivery of vaccines or for passive immunization against infectious diseases are outlined. The review concludes with a summary of the current successes and the future challenges that must be addressed for virus vaccine vectors to be utilized for research and medical treatment purposes in the years to come.

Total Pages: 142-172 (31)

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