Author: Robert E. Levin

Anthrax: History, Biology, Global Distribution, Clinical Aspects, Immunology, and Molecular Biology

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Year of Publication: 2014
DOI: 10.2174/97816080588601140101


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Following the post 9/11/2001 distribution of anthrax spores through the U.S. mail, and the resulting deaths of five individuals, primarily due to initial misdiagnosis, there has been a renewed interest in anthrax, particularly as a biological warfare agent. This volume is an attempt to bring forth all essential aspects of anthrax. Included are its early history, non-natural outbreaks of anthrax, characteristics of the causative organism Bacillus anthracis and its relationship to other members of the B. cereus family. Also extensively included are clinical aspects, mechanisms of anthrax virulence and genetics of virulence factors. The extensive studies over the years regarding the development of veterinary and human vaccines, genetics of virulence, and molecular studies including conventional PCR and real-time PCR are dealt with in complete detail, with inclusion of a multitude of primers and probes. The author hopes that this text will serve as an advanced presentation and reference work for individuals pursuing introductory and advanced information regarding anthrax and as a guide for individuals contemplating studies on anthrax. The format, organization, tables, figures, and extensive references to the published literature should facilitate its use as an advanced text.


The author wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Ruth Whitkowski in proof reading certain portions of the text.


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Robert E. Levin
University of Massachusetts


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