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Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research-Anti Infectives

Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2014
DOI: 10.2174/97816080585491140101


Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – Anti Infectives is an eBook series that brings updated reviews to readers interested in learning about advances in the development of pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of infectious diseases. The scope of the eBook series covers a range of topics including the medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, molecular biology and biochemistry of natural and synthetic drugs employed in the treatment of infectious diseases. Reviews in this series also include research on multi drug resistance and pre-clinical / clinical findings on novel antibiotics, vaccines, antifungal agents and antitubercular agents. Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – Anti Infectives is a valuable resource for pharmaceutical scientists and postgraduate students seeking updated and critically important information for developing clinical trials and devising research plans in the field of anti infective drug discovery and epidemiology.

The first volume of this series features reviews that cover a variety of topics including:

  • - Bacteriophage research against gram positive bacteria
  • - Edible vaccines
  • - Novel antibiotics against gram negative bacteria
  • - Antimicrobial resistance among enteric pathogens


- Pp. i-iii (3)
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv-ix (6)
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Anti-Infective Polypeptides for Combating Bacterial and Viral Infections

- Pp. 3-31 (29)
Mathias Hornef, Klaus Brandenburg, Ulrike Protzer, Krepstakies Krepstakies, Thomas Gutsmann, Julie Lucifora, Beate Schittl, Patrick Garidel, Joachim Hauber, Aline Dupont, Lena Heinbockel, Sabine Dömming, Tobias Schürholz, Volker Moennig, Stefanie Schmeiser, Wolfram Brune, Eva Krause, Yani Kaconis, Susana Sánchez-Gómez, Guillermo M. de Tejada
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New Antimicrobial Agents Against Common Bacteria that Cause Serious Infections

- Pp. 32-52 (21)
Ursula Kelly, Nancy Khardori
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Antisense Oligonucleotides-Based Therapeutics for Pathogenic Bacteria and Viruses

- Pp. 53-157 (105)
Hui Bai, Yu You, Xiaochen Bo, Shengqi Wang, Xiaoxing Luo
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Anti-Infective Agents Against Flavivirus

- Pp. 158-199 (42)
S. John Vennison, S. Gowri Sankar
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Plant Derived Edible Vaccines and Therapeutics

- Pp. 200-236 (37)
Emrah Altindis, Sultan Gulce Iz, Mehmet Ozgun Ozen, Pinar Nartop, Ismet Deliloglu Gurhan, Aynur Gurel
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Recent Advances in the Discovery and Development of New Drugs Against Gram-Negative Pathogens

- Pp. 237-262 (26)
Ashok Rattan, V. Samuel Raj, Kulvinder S. Saini
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Current Status of Antimicrobial Resistance in Enteric Bacterial Pathogens

- Pp. 263-307 (45)
Yasra Sarwar, Aamir Ali, Asma Haque, Abdul Haque
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The Potential of Bacteriophage Lysins in the Treatment of Gram- Positive Bacteria Including Multidrug Resistant Bacteria

- Pp. 308-337 (30)
Raymond Schuch, Vincent A. Fischetti, Hoonmo L. Koo, David B. Huang
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- Pp. 338-358 (21)
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