Editors: Meilan Liu, Cho W. S. To

Engineering Dynamics and Vibration: Vibration and Nonlinear Dynamics of Plates and Shells - Applications of Flat Triangular Finite Elements

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-772-6 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2014
DOI: 10.2174/97816080577191140101


This e-book focuses on the vibrational and nonlinear aspects of plate and shell structure dynamics by applying the finite element model. Specifically, shell finite elements employed in the computational studies included in this book are the mixed formulation based lower order flat triangular shell finite elements. Topics in the book are covered over nine chapters, including the theoretical background for the vibration analysis of plates and shells, vibration analysis of plate structures, shells with single curvature, shells with double curvatures, and box structures (single-cell and double-cell) and the theoretical development for the nonlinear dynamic analysis of plate and shell structures. In addition to presenting the steps in the derivations of the consistent element stiffness and mass matrices, constitutive relations of elastic materials and elasto-plastic materials with isotropic strain hardening, yield criterion, return mapping, configuration and stress updating strategies, and numerical algorithms are presented and discussed. The book is a suitable reference for advanced undergraduates and post-graduate level engineering students, research engineers, and scientists working in the field of applied physics and engineering.


Engineering Dynamics and Vibration are two foundation areas in many engineering fields. They are fundamental to the analysis and design of many dynamic engineering systems. The present book, Vibration and Nonlinear Dynamics of Plates and Shells: Applications of Flat Triangular Finite Elements is a timely and unique addition to the literature in the two foundation areas in engineering. The authors, Professors Meilan Liu and C.W. Solomon To, have a combined experience of more than fifty years in the engineering dynamics and vibration analysis of plate and shell structures. The present book has included the two foundation areas in a single book that applies the lower order flat triangular shell finite elements originated from their early research. Its main and important feature is the combination of vibration and nonlinear dynamics of plates and shells in a relatively comprehensive treatment employing the finite element method. Another feature of the present book is the treatment of boxed or cell structures. It is believed that anyone working in the analysis and design of dynamic engineering systems will find it informative and an excellent reference.

Neil Popplewell
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Manitoba


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