Editor: Nak Y. Chong

Networking Humans, Robots and Environments

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080573131130101


This book dives into the heart of how to design distributed control architectures for heterogeneous teams of humans, robots, and automated systems, enabling them to achieve greater cooperation and autonomy through the use of network technologies. It covers a wide range of practical, proven strategies for pervasive communication and collaborative problem solving abilities of humans, robots, and their environments. Each chapter consists of a presentation of findings from the latest research in networked robots and ambient intelligence. The chapters also detail how to allow robots to achieve universal access to the extended functionality of the environment that brings various cost effective services to those in need. Readers can envision a realistic view of what can be expected from a networked human robot cooperative environment in the next decade. The multidisciplinary content of this book is a handy reference for anyone interested in the future direction of ubiquitous computing and networked robots.


- Pp. i-ii (2)
Lynne E. Parker
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- Pp. iii-v (3)
Nak Young Chong
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List of Contributors

- Pp. vi-vii (2)
Nak Young Chong
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- Pp. viii-xi (4)
Nak Young Chong
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Networked Robotics: Developments and Opportunities

- Pp. 3-17 (15)
Gerard McKee, Blesson Varghese
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Collaborative Crowd Surveillance Using Networked Robotic Cameras

- Pp. 18-42 (25)
Yiliang Xu, Dezhen Song
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Distributed Sensing and Human-Aware Robot Reasoning Mechanisms

- Pp. 43-58 (16)
Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Antonio Sgorbissa, Renato Zaccaria
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Self-Configurable Mobile Robot Swarms: Adaptive Triangular Mesh Generation

- Pp. 59-75 (17)
Geunho Lee, Nak Young Chong
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Experimental Validation of Multi-Agent Coordination by Decentralized Estimation and Control

- Pp. 76-100 (25)
Michael Hwang, Matthew L. Elwin, Peng Yang, Randy A. Freeman, Kevin M. Lynch
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Extending Lifetime of the Network and Crucial Node by Multiple Diversity Combining

- Pp. 101-117 (17)
Lichuan Liu
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Intelligent Space: A Platform for Integration of Robot Technology

- Pp. 118-143 (26)
Takeshi Sasaki, Hideki Hashimoto
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Universal Design of Ubiquitous Robotic Space

- Pp. 144-164 (21)
Bong Keun Kim, Hyun Min Do, Hideyiki Tanaka, Yasushi Sumi, Hiromu Onda, Tamio Tanikawa, Kohtaro Ohba, Tetsuo Tomizawa
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Ubiquitous Robotic Space and Its Real-world Applications

- Pp. 165-192 (28)
Wonpil Yu, Jae-Yeong Lee, Heesung Chae, Yu-Cheol Lee, Minsu Jang, Joo-Chan Sohn, Hyosung Ahn, Young-Guk Ha, Yong-Moo Kwon
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Toward High-Performance Stable Haptic Teleoperation over the Internet: Passive Set-Position Modulation (PSPM) Approach

- Pp. 193-213 (21)
Dongjun Lee, Ke Huang
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- Pp. 214-228 (15)
Jee-Hwan Ryu, Dong-Soo Kwon, Blake Hannaford
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- Pp. 229-241 (13)
Nak Young Chong
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