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Inside Health Care: Neonatal Intensive Care - Who Decides? Who Pays? Who Can Afford It?

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/9781608051130101


Health care in the US is facing a crisis, but there is polarization and disagreement among policy makers and the public about how to solve this crisis. The overall outcome is ranked much lower than most developed nations and nearly 50 million people are uninsured. Health care is big business and is 17 % of the gross domestic product. Inside Health Care highlights the lifesaving nature of neonatal care while shining some light on what can be done to maximize neonatal well being and efficiency in healthcare access and delivery. In this book, health care issues are brought under the lens by physicians who are involved in neonatal care which gives a the reader an authentic, yet unique perspective. The contributors also offer potential solutions to highlighted issues.

Readers will be able to understand the current status of neonatal care in the US and the issues facing decision makers and the health care industry in optimizing outcomes while limiting costs.


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Oommen P. Mathew
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List of Contributors

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Oommen P. Mathew
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Neonatal Care in the USA

- Pp. 3-25 (23)
Oommen P. Mathew
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Global View of Neonatal Care

- Pp. 26-44 (19)
Dharmapuri Vidyasagar, Ranganath Daruru
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Law, Medicine and the Neonate

- Pp. 45-54 (10)
Jonathan M. Fanaroff
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Treatment Decision Making in the NICU: A Moral Analysis

- Pp. 55-71 (17)
Kristen B. Coggin, John C. Moskop
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Health Care Crisis and Neonatal Care

- Pp. 72-90 (19)
Oommen P. Mathew
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Infants Born at the Margin of Viability

- Pp. 91-115 (25)
Gautham Suresh, Mary Fay
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Complex Cases in Neonatal Care: Severe Birth Defects Involving Multiple Organs

- Pp. 116-122 (7)
Brian S. Carter
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Decision Making in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants with Necrotizing Enterocolitis

- Pp. 123-131 (9)
Reed A. Dimmitt
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Severe Birth Asphyxia: Acute and Long-Term Care

- Pp. 132-145 (14)
Frank X. Placencia
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ECMO: Cost, Controversy and Ethics

- Pp. 146-154 (9)
Jatinder S. Bhatia, Linda J. Wise
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Multifetal Gestation

- Pp. 155-184 (30)
Michael V. Zaretsky
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Solutions: Is there a Light at the End of the Tunnel?

- Pp. 185-212 (28)
Oommen P. Mathew
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- Pp. 213-223 (11)
Oommen P. Mathew
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