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The Analysis of Regulatory DNA: Current Developments, Knowledge and Applications Uncovering Gene Regulation

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080549231130101


A major goal of integrative research is understanding regulatory networks to such an extent as to allow researchers to model developmental and stress responses. Regulatory networks of living systems include complex and vast interactions between proteins, metabolites, RNA, various signaling molecules and DNA. One aspect of systems biology is understanding the dynamics of protein-DNA interactions affecting gene expression that are caused by transcription factors (TFs) and chromatin remodeling factors. This e-book provides a resource for summarizing current knowledge eukaryotic transcription and explores cis-elements and methods for their analysis, prediction and discovery. The book also presents an overview of exploring gene regulatory networks, chromatin, and miRNAs. Information about state-of-the-art techniques for the determination of TF - cis -element interactions in vivo and in silico give cutting edge insights on how genomic-scale research is being approached. The Analysis of Regulatory DNA provides readers with both the necessary background knowledge and provocative, up-to-date insights aimed at sparking new and vibrant experimental designs for understanding and predicting cis-elements in the eukaryotic genome.


- Pp. i-iii (3)
Klaus Harter
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- Pp. iv-vi (3)
Kenneth W. Berendzen
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List of Contributors

- Pp. vii-ix (3)
Kenneth W. Berendzen
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A General Introduction To Eukaryotic Transcription And Its Molecular Components

- Pp. 3-38 (36)
Kenneth W. Berendzen
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The Consensus Rna Polymerase II Core Promoter And Beyond

- Pp. 39-70 (32)
Dóra Szakonyi, Kenneth W. Berendzen
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Gene Regulation By Epigenetic Mechanisms And Chromatin Structure

- Pp. 71-85 (15)
Audrey Vincent, Isabelle Van Seuningen
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microRNAs: Macro Regulators In Biological Networks

- Pp. 86-100 (15)
Jianzhen Xu, Shijun Xu
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Phylogenetic Footprinting: An Evolutionary Tool For The Identification Of Cis-Regulatory Elements

- Pp. 101-123 (23)
Hozana A. Castillo, Carla V. C. Grade, Susanne Dietrich, Frank R. Schubert, Mônica S. Salerno, José Xavier-Neto, Lúcia E. Alvares
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Limits And Prospects Of Methods For The Analysis Of DNA-Protein Interaction

- Pp. 124-148 (25)
Luise H. Brand, Santosh B. Satbhai, Üner Kolukisaoglu, Dierk Wanke
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Reporter, Inducible And Synthetic Promoters: Engineering Tools To Study Gene Regulation And Biological Systems

- Pp. 149-161 (13)
Nicolas Jonckheere, Isabelle Van Seuningen
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Identifying Cis Elements In Eukaryotes Using Old Tricks And High Throughput Sequence Data

- Pp. 162-175 (14)
Björn Usadel, Kenneth W. Berendzen, Anthony Bolger
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The Combinatorics Of Cis-Regulatory Elements: From Cooperatively Acting Motifs To Gene Regulatory Networks

- Pp. 176-188 (13)
Dirk Walther
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Structural Insights Into Physical Interactions Of Transcription Factor-Dna Complexes At An Atomic Level

- Pp. 189-207 (19)
Nina M. Fischer, Oliver Kohlbacher
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- Pp. 207-212 (6)
Kenneth W. Berendzen, Joachim Kilian, Dierk Wanke
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