Editors: Marcel Popa , Constantin V. Uglea

Polymeric Nanomedicines

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080548481130101


Over the last few decades, numerous nanoparticle platforms have been studied for their use in therapeutic applications. This book deals with the description of the construction of technical systems that combines different functionalities which bring liposomes, polymer-drug conjugates, polymer-protein conjugates, dendrimers, polymeric micelles, polymerosomes and other nanoparticles into the realm of nanotechnology proper, as opposed to traditional pharmacology or supramolecular chemistry. The volume additionally covers topics such as passive and active targeting, the strategies used for drug targeting, and the synthesis and characterization of polymeric nanoparticle platforms. Targeted polymeric nanomedicines have shown exciting results in preclinical studies, demonstrating their potential as therapeutic carriers. Therefore, the development of polymeric nanomedicines as therapeutic agents has generated great enthusiasm both in academia and industry.

The book is systematically divided into chapters devoted to a class of polymeric nanomedicines. Each chapter also describes relevant aspects relating to drug design and targeting of polymeric nanomedicines wherever possible.

In addition, a series of chapters concerning the contribution of polymeric nanomedicines in the treatment of several categories of diseases including cancer, inflammatory, renal, immunological diseases, and brain disorders is also presented.

Key features of this book include:

- A comprehensive and cutting-edge overview of polymeric nanomedicines available in a single dedicated volume

- Discussions on advances in drug delivery systems for a variety of diseases

- more than 2000 references, tables, equations, and drawings

Readers, whether beginners or experts, will find in this book, contemporary and relevant information regarding the synthesis, evaluation and applications of polymeric nanomedicines. Supplemented with extensive bibliographic references, tables and figures, this book is an essential and incomparable reference for medicinal chemists, biologists, and medical (oncologic) researchers, as well as for scientists, undergraduate and graduate students in the field of medical bioengineering and polymer nanoscience.


Nanomedicine is the application of nanobiotechnology to clinical medicine. Nanobiotechnologies are being used to research pathomechanism of disease, refine molecular diagnostics, and help in the discovery, development, and delivery of drugs. In some cases, nanoparticles are polymeric nanomedicine. The eBook “Polymeric Nanomedicines” covers the broad area of this field. Starting with basics, the subject is developed to potential clinical applications, many of which are still at an experimental stage.

Keeping in mind that the readers of the eBook will include nonmedical scientists, pharmaceutical personel, as well as physicians, technology descriptions and medical terminology are kept as simple as possible. We hope that readers at all levels will find it a concise, comprehensive and useful source of information.

Chapter 1 deals with the definition of nanotechnology and nanomedicine, with main areas of application and specifies the benefits of introducing nanotechnological specific methods in the investigation and treatment of certain diseases. The main categories of metal nanoparticles, their use as imaging agents, their advantages and limits are presented in separate paragraphs.

Chapter 2 describe the concept of physical and biological targeting. Physical targeting such as electroporation, ultrasound, photochemical internalization and hyperthermia as well as biological targeting strategies are described.

Biomedical evaluation and toxicological aspects of polymeric nanomedicines are described in chapter 3 and chapters 4 and 5 deals with targeting moieties and design of polymer-drug conjugates, respectively.

Dendrimers, polymeric micelles, liposomes, polymerosomes and nanocapsules are the subjects of chapters 6-10, respectively.

Drug delivery to the brain (Chapter 11), therapy of bladder cancer (Chapter 12), treatment of renal diseases (Chapter 13), colon targeted therapy (Chapyer 14), pulmonary drug delivery (Chapter 15), treatment of inflammatory diseases (Chapter 16), nanoophthalmology (Chapter 17), transdermal drug delivery (Chapter 18), cardiovascular implants (Chapter 19) and othopedic biomaterials (Chapter 20) are the specific applications of polymeric nanomedicines described in this eBook.

The eBook concludes by analysing perspectives and challenges in the application of polymeric nanomedicines in the treatment of various diseases. The second editor wishes to dedicate this eBook to Professor Ray Ottenbrite as a sign of friendship and deep respect. Both editors wish to thank Salma Sarfaraz for technical assistance and being understanding to publish this eBook.

Marcel POPA
“Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi

Constantin V. UGLEA
“Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi