Chapter 19

Nanomaterials and Cardiovascular Implants

Constantin V. Uglea and Marcel Popa


This chapter deals with the development and progression of metallic stents, as well as with the research and clinical trials of the bioabsorbable stents. Despite of the good results obtained with the metallic stents, many concerns still remain because of their permanent nature. Although metallic stents are effective in preventing recoil and late restenosis after coronary angioplasty, they continue to have limitations such as stent thrombosis and mismatch of the stent to the vessel size. Thus, the concept of bioabsorbable stents has emerged as an alternative to permanent metal stent. This chapter will outline concepts, material designs, preclinical, and metal clinical experimental studies with bioabsorbable stents.

Total Pages: 698-733 (36)

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