Author: James J. Cusick

Durable Ideas in Software Engineering: Concepts, Methods and Approaches from My Virtual Toolbox

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-603-3 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080547631130101


"Software Engineering now occupies a central place in the development of technology and in the advancement of the economy. From telecommunications to aerospace and from cash registers to medical imaging, software plays a vital and often decisive role in the successful accomplishment of a variety of projects. The creation of software requires a variety of techniques, tools, and especially, properly skilled engineers. This e-book focuses on core concepts and approaches that have proven useful to the author time and time again on many industry projects over a quarter century of research, development, and teaching. Enduring, lasting, and meaningful concepts, ideas, and methods in software engineering are presented and explained.

The book covers essential topics of the field of software engineering with a focus on practical and commonly used techniques along with advanced topics useful for extending the reader’s knowledge regarding leading edge approaches. Building on the industrial, research, and teaching experiences of the author, a dynamic treatment of the subject is presented incorporating a wide body of published findings and techniques, novel organization of material, original concepts, contributions from specialists, and the clear, concise writing required to keep the attention of readers. Using over 20 years of lecture notes, transcripts, course notes, view graphs, published articles, and other materials, as well as industry experience on commercial software product development a “virtual toolbox” of software techniques are shared in this volume."


As any reader of computer books soon realizes, many titles are of the moment, designed to give us the latest in technology quickly. Busy software developers and managers certainly need this kind of eBook in order to keep up with an ever-changing discipline. Some titles are generated from theory and academic research; others from actual practice and experience in the field. It is rare that a eBook draws so well from both types of expertise. James Cusick’s Durable Ideas in Software Engineering: Concepts, Methods, and Approaches from my Virtual Toolbox is one such eBook. It’s a compendium and review of major ideas of software engineering informed by the author’s outstanding academic and practical knowledge of the field. Garnered from his experience at leading-edge corporations like AT&T and Bell Labs, with over twenty years of software development and successful project management, the author leads us through a tour of both theory and practice. Not only does it give us a perspective of designing, testing, managing and supporting software drawn from real experience, it also provides an overview of some of the major trends in software design, from the earliest software engineering methodologies to today’s Agile methods and globally based development teams. Moreover, as an early adopter and researcher into the use of metrics to improve software reliability, the author has a lot to say about improving software from the ground up.

Much has changed in software engineering over the past few decades, but as this eBook argues, there are some tools and ideas that have endured. In many years as a colleague and friend, I have always valued the author’s perspective on what’s next in our field. With his experiences in leading-edge companies, where software methodology and process were clearly not an afterthought, and his extensive publications, James Cusick can offer us a unique perspective – a successful developer and manager of complex software projects who has drawn the best ideas from software process and development to inform our own work. Durable Ideas in Software Engineering is an invaluable resource for software developers and managers for both large and small projects. Throughout this eBook, you will learn what has worked in real projects, and you will see area of software process seldom covered, such as support and metrics for software defect management. Strong coverage of topics like models of software development, system architecture, risk analysis, and managing software change will also prove invaluable to working software professionals. Ideal for any software developer or manager, Durable Ideas in Software Engineering is a readable, thorough, and engaging tour of some of the very best ideas from software engineering as applied to real-world projects.

Richard V. Dragan, Ph.D.
Contributing Editor
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