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Series Title: Mental Health Promotion in Schools


Volume 1

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080546641120101


Behavior problems are approaching epidemic levels in many schools and mental health issues in school-aged children is an international concern. Similarly, parents, caregivers, and other concerned adults report behavioral disturbances in homes and in other settings despite the ongoing effort to ease access to mental health services.

Student mental health has also been demonstrated to have a direct impact on student behavior and performance. This book discusses methods by which educators can promote student mental health, similar to the ways in which schools already promote physical health.

Promoting student mental health may mean doing things differently than are currently being done, but does not involve doing more than what is already is being done. Professional educators, counselors and readers interested in public mental health matters will greatly benefit from this book.

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Mark D. Weist
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Raymond J. Waller
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List of Contributors

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Raymond J. Waller
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Mental Health Treatment or Promotion in Resource Allocation: Two Topical Considerations Elucidate the Road Less Traveled

- Pp. 3-27 (25)
Raymond J. Waller, Carol L. Albertini, Nancy L. Kupfrian
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Increasing School Attendance: The First Step in Promoting Mental Health

- Pp. 28-48 (21)
Steven G. Little, Angeleque Akin-Little, Joshua Couperus
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Student Engagement and Disengagement: An Intrinsic Motivation Perspective and a Mental Health Concern

- Pp. 49-75 (27)
Howard Adelman, Linda Taylor
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Teacher-Student Relationships in Mental Health Promotion

- Pp. 76-104 (29)
Melissa R. Dvorsky, Leslie K. Taylor, Mark D. Weist
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Response to Intervention: A Proactive Approach Addressing a Spectrum of Student Need

- Pp. 105-126 (22)
Allison Nealy
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The Contribution of Extracurricular Activities to School Priorities and Student Success

- Pp. 127-148 (22)
Aidyn L. Iachini, Dawn Anderson-Butcher
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Positive Approaches to Behavior Management: Friend or Beast of Burden for Professional Educators?

- Pp. 149-164 (16)
Kim Sheffield, Raymond Raymond
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Risk and Resilience in Middle Childhood: Lessons for School Mental Health Promotion

- Pp. 165-203 (39)
Daisy R. Jackson, Elise Cappella
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Culturally Responsive Education: Promoting the Mental Health of All Students for Stronger, Inclusive Communities

- Pp. 204-230 (27)
JoEtta Gonzales
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System of Care for Children with Severe Emotional Disturbance: A Framework of Mental Health Promotion Based on Students Most in Need

- Pp. 231-273 (43)
Denise M. Green, Sarah E. Twill
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