Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 6

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080546401130601


“Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry” is an Ebook series devoted to the review of areas of important topical interest to medicinal chemists and others in allied disciplines. “Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry” covers all the areas of medicinal chemistry, including developments in rational drug design, bioorganic chemistry, high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, compound diversity measurements, drug absorption, drug distribution, metabolism, new and emerging drug targets, natural products, pharmacogenomics, chemoinformatics, and structure-activity relationships.

Medicinal chemistry as a discipline is rapidly maturing. The study of how structure and function are related is absolutely essential to understanding the molecular basis of life. “Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry” aims to contribute in a major way to the growth of scientific knowledge and insight, and facilitate the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents to treat debilitating human disorders. This Ebook series is essential for any medicinal chemist who wishes to be kept informed and up-to-date with the latest and the most important advances.

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- Pp. vii-viii (2)
Allen B. Reitz, Atta-ur-Rahman, M. Iqbal Choudhary
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- Pp. ix-xiii (5)
Allen B. Reitz, Atta-ur-Rahman, M. Iqbal Choudhary
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AntiViral-HyperActivation Limiting Therapeutics (AV-HALTs): A New Class of Antiviral Drugs

- Pp. 3-21 (19)
Franco Lori, Julianna Lisziewicz, Davide De Forni, Mike Stevens
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The Efficacy of Viral Capsid Inhibitors in Human Enterovirus Infection and Associated Diseases

- Pp. 22-40 (19)
Shin-Ru Shih, Gary Brewer, Peng-Nien Huang, Kuo-Feng Weng, Chin Li, Hongtao Wang, Tzu-Chun Chen, Mei-Ling Li
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Antibiotic Properties and Applications of Lactoferrin

- Pp. 41-61 (21)
Eugene D. Weinberg
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The Targets of Currently Used Antibacterial Agents: Lessons for Drug Discovery

- Pp. 62-96 (35)
Roland P. Lange, Hans H. Locher, Pierre C. Wyss, Rudolf L. Then
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Chemotherapy of Leishmaniasis: Past, Present and Future

- Pp. 97-130 (34)
Jyotsna Mishra, Anubha Saxena, Sarman Singh
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Antimicrobial Peptides in Oral Cancer: Review Article

- Pp. 131-153 (23)
Christina Roebke, Jürgen Harder, Jens E. Meyer
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Inhibiting Cell Cycle Kinases in Cancer Therapy

- Pp. 154-188 (35)
Guillermo de Cárcer, Ignacio Pérez de Castro, Marcos Malumbres
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mTOR Inhibitors (Rapamycin and Its Derivatives) and Nitrogen Containing Bisphosphonates: Bi-functional Compounds for the Treatment of Bone Tumours

- Pp. 189-202 (14)
Ory Benjamin, Moriceau Gatien, Gobin Bérengère, Redini Françoise, Heymann Dominique
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New Biological Approaches in Asthma: DNA-Based Therapy

- Pp. 203-226 (24)
Li-Chieh Wang, Jyh-Hong Lee, Yao-Hsu Yang, Yu-Tsan Lin, Bor-Luen Chiang
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Building a Bridge Between Clinical and Basic Research: the Phenotypic Elements of Familial Predisposition to Type 1 Diabetes

- Pp. 227-248 (22)
Elena Matteucci, Ottavio Giampietro
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Molecular Lipophilicity in Protein Modeling and Drug Design

- Pp. 249-290 (42)
Roman G. Efremov, Anton O. Chugunov, Timothy V. Pyrkov, John P. Priestle, Vladimir M. Pentkovsky, Alexander S. Arseniev, Edgar Jacoby
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Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange-Mass Spectrometry: A Powerful Tool for Probing Protein Structure, Dynamics and Interactions

- Pp. 291-323 (33)
Yuko Tsutsui, Patrick L. Wintrode
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From Drug Target to Leads-Sketching a Physico-Chemical Pathway for Lead Molecule Design In Silico

- Pp. 324-360 (37)
Saher Afshan Shaikh, Tarun Jain, Gurvisha Sandhu, Anjali Soni, Bhyravabhotla Jayaram
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Bis and Tris Indole Alkaloids from Marine Organisms: New Leads for Drug Discovery

- Pp. 361-385 (25)
Leena Gupta, Archna Talwar, P. M. S. Chauhan
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Derivatives of Nucleic Acids for Selective RNA Targeting

- Pp. 386-411 (26)
Vaijayanti A. Kumar
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Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors: New Pharmacological Functions and Potential Clinical Implications

- Pp. 412-471 (60)
Catalina Alarcón de la Lastra, Isabel Villegas Lama, Marina Sánchez-Fidalgo
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.Botanicals and Natural Bioactives: Prevention and Treatment of Diseases.
.Frontiers In Medicinal Chemistry.
.Alkaloids and Other Nitrogen-Containing Derivatives.
.Potential Health Benefits of Biologically Active Peptides Derived from Underutilized Grains: Recent Advances in their Isolation, Identification, Bioactivity and Molecular Analysis.