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Surface Tailoring of Inorganic Materials for Biomedical Applications

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080546261120101


Inorganic materials have been used for biomedical applications since many decades. They have been utilized successfully because of easy and economic methods for bulk preparation and industrial manufacturing.

Surface modifications significantly improve the success of these materials and enable us to exploit their application in many innovative fields such as tissue engineering, dentistry, nanocarriers for drugs, medical diagnosis and antifouling technologies. This e-book provides comprehensive information on technologies for development and characterization of successful functionalized materials for biomedical applications relevant to surface modification. It is a suitable reference for advanced students and researchers interested in biomaterials science and medical applications of inorganic substances.

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- Pp. i-ii (2)
Luigi Ambrosio
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- Pp. iii
Lia Rimondini, Claudia L. Bianchi, Enrica Vernè
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List of Contributors

- Pp. iv-vii (4)
Lia Rimondini, Claudia L. Bianchi, Enrica Vernè
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Physico-Chemical Tailoring of Material Surface Properties

- Pp. 3-42 (40)
S. Ardizzone, I. Biraghi, G. Cappelletti, D. Meroni, F. Spadavecchia
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Calcium Phosphate Surface Tailoring Technologies for Drug Delivering and Tissue Engineering

- Pp. 43-111 (69)
Christophe Drouet, Jaime Gomez-Morales, Michele Iafisco, Stephanie Sarda
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Sonochemically Synthesized Materials for Biomedical Applications

- Pp. 112-129 (18)
Muthupandian Ashokkumar
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Vibrational Spectroscopies for Surface Characterization of Biomaterials

- Pp. 130-152 (23)
José Manuel Delgado-López, Jaime Gómez-Morales, Michele Iafisco
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Surface Characterization of Inorganic Nanobiomaterials at a Molecular Scale: Use of Vibrational Spectroscopies

- Pp. 153-172 (20)
Gianmario Martra, Valentina Aina, Yuriy Sakhno, Luca Bertinetti, Claudio Morterra
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Morphological Surface Characterization of Nano-Structured Inorganic and Polymeric Materials for Biomedical Application

- Pp. 173-206 (34)
Barbara Palazzo, Ismaela Foltran, Dominic Walsh
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Biological Characterization of Biomaterials: In vitro Tests

- Pp. 207-223 (17)
Neelam Gurav, Borvornwut Buranawat, Lucy Di Silvio
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Biological Characterization of the Materials: In Vivo Tests

- Pp. 224-246 (23)
Roberto Giardino, Milena Fini, Nicolò Nicoli Aldini, Anna Paola Parrilli
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New Concepts Applied to the Development of Biomaterials for Orthopaedic Tissue Regeneration

- Pp. 247-278 (32)
Anna Tampieri, Simone Sprio
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Metallic Surfaces for Osteointegration

- Pp. 279-296 (18)
Silvia Spriano, Sara Ferraris
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Tailoring of Tissue-Surface Interaction in Blood Contacting Materials

- Pp. 297-327 (31)
Roman Major, Boguslaw Major
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Tailoring Surfaces of Nanocarriers for Cancer Therapy and Diagnosis

- Pp. 328-345 (18)
Gürer G. Budak, Tolga Çamli, Fatih Büyükserin, Selman Yavuz
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Drug Delivery from Ordered Mesoporous Matrices for Bone Tissue Engineering

- Pp. 346-358 (13)
Renato Mortera, Barbara Onida
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Methods to Study the Mechanism of Bioactivity

- Pp. 359-375 (17)
Antonio J. Salinas, María Vallet-Regí
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New Trends in Bone Tissue Engineering Scaffolds: Hierarchically Porous Glass and Glass-Ceramic Structures

- Pp. 376-391 (16)
Francesco Baino, Chiara Vitale Brovarone
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Surface Modification of Bioactive Glasses

- Pp. 392-405 (14)
Sara Ferraris, Marta Miola
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- Pp. 406-412 (7)
Lia Rimondini, Claudia Bianchi, Enrica Vernè
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.Chemical Modification of Solid Surfaces by the Use of Additives.