Editors: Pier P. Claudio, Richard M. Niles

Nutrition and Cancer From Epidemiology to Biology

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080544731120101


Various estimates suggest that between 30-40% of all human cancers are related to dietary patterns. Strong epidemiological evidence from population and twin studies points to dietary constituents that either contribute or protect against the development of various forms of cancer.

This e-book reviews some traditional and relatively new areas of nutrition and cancer. Epidemiological data is combined with molecular biology research and, where available, clinical trial data. The emerging science of "Nutrigenomics" is discussed with chapters on the biological role of various nutrition components from red wine, peppers, green tea, fish oil, cruciferous vegetables, retinoids; and the intersection of nutrition and epigenetics in hematopoiesis.

This e-book will be of interest to researchers in the nutrition and cancer field, physicians in family and community medicine, internal medicine and oncology, as well as dieticians providing counseling to cancer patients and cancer survivors.

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Gary G. Meadows
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Pier Paolo Claudio, Richard M. Niles
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List of Contributors

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Pier Paolo Claudio, Richard M. Niles
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Keywords List

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Pier Paolo Claudio, Richard M. Niles
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Resveratrol, A Phytoalexin with a Multitude of Anti-Cancer Activities

- Pp. 3-14 (12)
Richard M. Niles, Gary O. Rankin
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Capsaicin: Potential Applications in Cancer Therapy

- Pp. 15-25 (11)
Jamie K. Lau, Kathleen C. Brown, Aaron M. Dom, Piyali Dasgupta
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Omega-3 Fatty Acids as an Adjuvant to Cancer Therapy

- Pp. 26-38 (13)
Elaine W. Hardman
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Green Tea Catechins and Cancer

- Pp. 39-49 (11)
Richard Egleton
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Receptor Independent Effects of Retinoids

- Pp. 50-64 (15)
Kinsley Kelley Kiningham, Anne Silvis
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Epigenetics as a Mechanism for Dietary Fatty Acids to Affect Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells And Leukemia - Royal Jelly for the Blood

- Pp. 65-76 (12)
Vincent E. Sollars
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Nutrition, Oxidative Stress and Cancer

- Pp. 77-86 (10)
Monica Valentovic, Nalini Santanam
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Is there an Etiologic Role for Dietary Iron and Red Meat in Breast Cancer Development?

- Pp. 87-97 (11)
John Wilkinson IV
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Isothiocyanates Target Carcinogenesis During Tumor Initiation, Promotion and Progression

- Pp. 98-107 (10)
Mary Allison Wolf, Pier Paolo Claudio
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- Pp. 108-109 (2)
Pier Paolo Claudio, Richard M. Niles
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