Editor: Akin E. Balci

Lung Cancer: Clinical and Surgical Specifications

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Year of Publication: 2013
DOI: 10.2174/97816080544281130101


Lung cancer diagnosis worldwide has advanced considerably. Progress in diagnostic techniques and therapeutic methods has greatly improved life expectancy in lung cancer patients. Information on lung cancer diagnosis and treatment is therefore useful for all medical professionals especially those who work outside the realm of pulmonology or oncology. This book answers the needs of medical professionals seeking this information and includes both internal and surgical aspects of lung cancer as well as developments in molecular research on pulmonary oncology.

The e-book is divided into several sections which cover basic research on lung cancer epidemiology and carcinogenesis and continue through treatment modalities on non-resectable and advanced stage lung cancer cases (radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation) and new diagnostic techniques (PET scan). The e-book also contains a section dedicated to surgical treatment options in lung cancer patients. Readers will be able to equip themselves with the necessary medical information for diagnosing lung cancer and treating patients requiring surgery.

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Carcinoma of the lung is the leading cause of cancer deaths. The management of lung cancer involved a questionnaire prior to treatment. It contains questions asked when taking a medical history, when forming a differential diagnosis, when choosing treatment, when performing an operation and when planning a postoperative treatment. Physicians who worked on lung cancer, regardless of speciality, are constantly confronted with questions posed from patients, from their collegues and, most importantly, from within themselves.

These considerations are behind developing a new textbook of this nature and caused the motivation. The book edited by Prof. Balci provides a broad overview of the lung cancer surgery, clinical and molecular aspects and pathology of it.

This textbook is a good resource to pulmonary and critical care specialist and their trainees, as well as thoracic surgeons, oncologists, and pulmonary pathologists. Major objectives are to present a summation of the current knowledge and clinical concepts of the surgical management of lung cancer. The pathophysiological alterations produced and the correction of these by appropriate intervention are emphasized thorughout. Clinical features, pathological changes, surgical management, operative results and prognosis are included as integral part of the book.

We are most grateful to the numerous authors who put so many times into writing otustanding chapters. This book includes all the relevant and current information on lung cancer. Much information is completely updated. Although we believe that this book will provide a clear understanding of these manifestations, we invite our readers to inform us about differences of opinion they may have with its contents and areas that need improvment.

Yavuz Selim Ilhan
Euphrates University Hospital
Head of General Surgery Department


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