Chapter 7

All-Fiber Coherent Doppler Lidar System for Wind Sensing

Shumpei Kameyama, Toshiyuki Ando, Kimio Asaka and Yoshihito Hirano


Coherent Doppler Lidar (CDL) systems are suitable for wind sensing of localized regions under clear weather conditions. Especially, a 1.5 μm all-fiber wind sensing CDL system has many advantages since telecomm fibers and fiber-based components, which have reached technical maturity, can be used. We have developed all-fiber CDL systems during this decade, and in this chapter we introduce our development in addition to the basic theory for system design. After the demonstration of wind sensing performance using the prototype model, we have developed the product model by refining the prototype model. The product model consists of a compact fiber-based optical transceiver unit, an optical antenna unit that includes a wedge scanner, and a Field Programmable Gated Array (FPGA)-based real-time signal processing unit. All-fiber CDL systems can be used for various industrial applications, such as meteorological monitoring, wind survey for wind power generation, and aviation safety.

Total Pages: 115-142 (28)

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