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Awake Thoracic Surgery

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Year of Publication: 2012
DOI: 10.2174/97816080528821120101


Awake thoracic surgery is a new surgical field that is set to expand in the near future. Employing sole epidural or local anaesthesia in fully awake patients renders many thoracic surgical procedures doable with less invasiveness and general anaesthesia related adverse effects can be avoided. This, in turn, facilitates fast track surgery and improves cost-effectiveness of treatment procedures. The book explains issues relevant to awake thoracic surgery including postoperative immunologic and stress-hormone responses, lung volume reduction surgery, pulmonary resections and thymectomy. This Ebook should be useful to readers interested in a comprehensive reference work on this intriguing minimally invasive surgical option.

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Thomas A. D’Amico
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Eugenio Pompeo
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Eugenio Pompeo
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Eugenio Pompeo
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Awake Thoracic Surgery: A Historical Perspective

- Pp. 3-8 (6)
Eugenio Pompeo, Tommaso Claudio Mineo
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Pathophysiology of Surgical Pneumothorax in the Awake Patient

- Pp. 9-18 (10)
Eugenio Pompeo
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Systemic Host Response in Awake Thoracic Surgery

- Pp. 19-33 (15)
Federico Tacconi, Gianluca Vanni, Eugenio Pompeo
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Adverse Effects of General Anesthesia in Thoracic Surgery

- Pp. 34-42 (9)
Mario Dauri, Ludovica Celidonio, Sarit Nahmias, Florencia Della Badia, Filadelfo Coniglione, Eleonora Fabbi
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Anesthesia Techniques in Awake Thoracic Surgery

- Pp. 44-73 (30)
Mario Dauri, Sarit Nahmias, Ludovica Celidonio, Elisabetta Sabato, Maria Beatrice Silvi, Eleonora Fabbi
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Awake Resection of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules

- Pp. 74-87 (14)
Eugenio Pompeo, Francesco Sellitri, Benedetto Cristino, Tommaso Claudio Mineo
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Awake Non-Resectional Lung Volume Reduction Surgery

- Pp. 88-104 (17)
Eugenio Pompeo, Ilaria Onorati, Tommaso Claudio Mineo
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Awake Lung Biopsy for Interstitial Lung Disease

- Pp. 105-118 (14)
Luca Frasca, Vincenzo Ambrogi, Paola Rogliani, Cesare Saltini, Eugenio Pompeo
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Awake Videothoracoscopic Treatment of Pleural Effusion

- Pp. 119-129 (11)
Francesco Sellitri, Federico Tacconi, Benedetto Cristino, Eugenio Pompeo
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Awake Thoracoscopic Treatment of Spontaneous Pneumothorax

- Pp. 130-140 (11)
Gianluca Vanni, Federico Tacconi, Tommaso Claudio Mineo, Eugenio Pompeo
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Awake Pleural Decortication for Empyema Thoracis

- Pp. 141-154 (14)
Federico Tacconi and Eugenio Pompeo
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Awake Thymectomy

- Pp. 155-164 (10)
Isao Matsumoto, Makoto Oda and Go Watanabe
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Awake Thoracoscopic Biopsy of Anterior Mediastinal Masses

- Pp. 165-176 (12)
Eugenio Pompeo, Alessandra Picardi, Maria Cantonetti, Tommaso Claudio Mineo
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Awake Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy

- Pp. 177-190 (14)
Maria Elena Cufari, Eugenio Pompeo, Tommaso Claudio Mineo, Vincenzo Ambrogi
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Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery Utilizing Local Anesthesia and Sedation

- Pp. 191-198 (8)
Mark Katlic
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Awake Thoracic Surgery: Future Perspectives

- Pp. 199-201 (3)
Eugenio Pompeo
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- Pp. 202-203 (2)
Eugenio Pompeo
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