Chapter 17

Patent Value Appraisal Model in the Corporate Strategy: Case Studies in Science TQM - 4

Kakuro Amasaka


This paper proposes “TJS-PVAM” (Total Job Quality Management System-Patent Value Appraisal Model) that contributes to corporate strategy by utilizing “Science TQM”. Improvement of “patent value” signifies engineers’ value creation at work (invention). The author established a “high performance business model” which raises patent quality. This model consists of several elements each for “inventive technique” and “patent right” in order to explain the indispensable elements of inventive technique and patent right for a strategic patent, and verified the validity of the model at major enterprises such as Toyota. Furthermore, standardization has been carried out in order to spread the effectiveness of TJS-PVAM, and “A-PPM” (Amasaka’s Laboratory Patent Performance Model) has been created and its effectiveness investigated through trial application at major enterprises.

Total Pages: 166-176 (11)

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