Editors: Salim Surani, Shyamsunder Subramanian

Sleep & Safety

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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080527141110101


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that upto 4 percent of all fatal crashes are caused by drowsy driving and as many as 100,000 patients deaths per year may be due to fatigue related medical errors by doctors and nurses in the United States.

These problems of sleepiness, fatigue, and the contributions of inadequate sleep and night work, to human error and accidents have high costs in both lives lost and economic impact.

This e-book covers the physiology of sleep, the pathophysiology of sleep deprivation, the relationship to daytime alertness and fatigue, the relevance of sleep-related fatigue in various industry and occupational settings and its importance as a public safety issue. The e-book should serve as a useful reference to readers interested in sleep research and public health and safety management.

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Sleep, and its disorders, have long been the Rodney Dangerfield of Medicine and Public Health—they just don’t get any respect. Perhaps this is because sleep advocates have lumped all “sleep disorders” together in describing their risks. Clinicians and the public at large have been justifiably skeptical that “sleep disorders,” which could be anything from tooth grinding to head banging to nocturnal eating, are dangerous. Sleep & Safety, by focusing primarily on sleep deprivation, circadian rhythm asynchronies, and sleep-disordered breathing, focuses on the data and avoids hype and speculation. And the data is scare us indeed. This terse, well-written e-book first lays the physiologic groundwork for the effects of sleep deprivation, shift work, and sleep-disordered breathing and then critically reviews the data about their adverse effects. An important element of this electronic volume is its emphasis not only on the risks to the afflicted individual, but also to those on the road, in the plane, in the ranks, or under the knife with him or her. Sleep & Safety brings home the message that sleep loss, sleep apnea, and shift work are public health issues.

Barbara Phillips
Professor of Pulmonary
Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
University of Kentucky
Past President, American Board of Sleep Medicine


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