Chapter 6

Lightning Surges on Wind Power Systems

R. B. Rodrigues, V. M.F. Mendes and J. P.S. Catalao


<p>As wind power generation undergoes rapid growth, lightning damages involving wind power systems have come to be regarded as a serious problem. This chapter gives an introduction to lightning phenomena, lightning location systems and important parameters regarding lightning protection. The wind turbine is described and the main characteristics of its components, like the tower, the generator, the blades, and the electrical and electronic equipment, are highlighted. This chapter also introduces fundamentals of risk analysis method based on international standards, and describes how the rolling sphere method can be used to identify the vulnerable points on a structure. Computer tools and simulations using the LPS 2008 computer program are presented and discussed. Finally, wind turbine issues are discussed.</p>

Total Pages: 96-116 (21)

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