Chapter 6

Post-Bariatric Body Contouring Surgery and Patient Safety

Bishara S. Atiyeh and Amir Ibrahim


Massive Weight Loss (MWL) patients differ from other patients in several parameters. They are at an increased risk for complications secondary to potential nutritional deficiencies, persistent obesity, venous varicosities, poor quality and inelastic tissue. As the numbers of patients who seek body contouring after extreme weight loss increase, surgeons must be able to inform patients of the risks and complications of body-contouring surgery as they relate to the specific co-morbidities of the particular patient. Likewise, surgeons will need to alter the aggressiveness of the procedure according to the risk versus benefit in patients who fall into higher-risk groups. The foundation for a safe body contouring practice involves a combination of good patient selection and managing patient expectations. Appropriate pre-operative assessment intra- and post-operative care as well as selection of the appropriate timing, type, and magnitude of surgery are all essential.

Total Pages: 50-62 (13)

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