Editor: Elena A. Shirokova

Spline-Interpolation Solution of One Elasticity Theory Problem

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ISBN: 978-1-60805-620-0 (Print)
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Year of Publication: 2011
DOI: 10.2174/97816080520971110101


The book presents methods of approximate solution of the basic problem of elasticity for special types of solids. Engineers can apply the approximate methods (Finite Element Method, Boundary Element Method) to solve the problems but the application of these methods may not be correct for solids with the certain singularities or asymmetrical boundary conditions. The book is recommended for researchers and professionals working on elasticity modeling. It explains methods of solving elasticity problems for special solids. Approximate methods (Finite Element Method, Boundary Element Method) have been used to solve these problems. The interpolation and the spline-interpolation solutions of the 3D problem of the theory of elasticity have been constructed in this work. The spline-interpolation solution can be considered as a variant of the finite element method.


The main purpose of this work is to demonstrate the new methods of solution of some 3D elasticity theory problems. These methods are based on complex analysis application. I have considered different types of approximate and precise solutions of different mechanical problems throughout almost all of my scientific career. So I am always interested in getting acquainted with some new method of solution. It seems interesting to consider passing from thorough methods applied in the case of 2D problems to the case of 3D ones. So the book seems to be of certain value. I feel obliged to note that it is necessary to find not only some method of problem solution but to make it possible to get actual numerical results. Since the book contains examples for almost all the considered questions, it becomes a nice piece of literature useful for almost immediate applications.

Dr. Sc. Damir F. Abzalilov