Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 3

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Year of Publication: 2006
DOI: 10.2174/97816080520661060301


Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry is a book series devoted to the review of areas of important topical interest to medicinal chemists and others in allied disciplines. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry covers all the areas of medicinal chemistry, including developments in rational drug design, bioorganic chemistry, high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, compound diversity measurements, drug absorption, drug distribution, metabolism, new and emerging drug targets, natural products, pharmacogenomics, chemoinformatics, and structure-activity relationships.

Medicinal chemistry as a discipline is rapidly maturing. The study of how structure and function are related is absolutely essential to understanding the molecular basis of life. Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry aims to contribute in a major way to the growth of scientific knowledge and insight, and facilitate the discovery and development of new therapeutic agents to treat debilitating human disorders. This book series is essential for any medicinal chemist who wishes to be kept informed and up-to-date with the latest and the most important advances.

Indexed in: Scopus, EMBASE, Scilit, Chemical Abstracts, EBSCO, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.


- Pp. iv- (1)
Allen B. Reitz, Cheryl P. Kordik, Atta-Ur-Rahman, M. Iqbal Chouhary
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- Pp. ix-xiv (6)
Atta-ur-Rahman, Allen B. Reitz
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Structure and Function of HIV-1 Integrase: An Update

- Pp. 3-22 (20)
Thang K. Chiu, David R. Davies
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Anti-HIV Drugs and Resistance: Inhibitors of HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase and Protease

- Pp. 23-44 (22)
Tomozumi Imamichi
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Gene Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases

- Pp. 59-85 (27)
Marcin Gruchala, Himadri Roy, Shalini Bhardwaj, Seppo Yla-Herttuala
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Drug Development and the Importance of Ethnicity: Lessons from Heart Failure Management and Implications for Hypertension

- Pp. 45-58 (14)
Michael D. Sosin, Gurbir S. Bhatia, Gregory Y.H. Lip, Russell C. Davis
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Design and Discovery of Novel Antihypertensive Drugs Through Conformation and Bioactivity Studies

- Pp. 87-111 (25)
Thomas M. Mavromoustakos, Maria V. Zervou, Panagiotis G. Zoumpoulakis
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Novel Antiarrhythmic Compounds with Combined Class IB and Class III Mode of Action

- Pp. 113-124 (12)
Peter Matyus, Ildiko Varga, Tivadar Rettegi, Antal Simay, Peter Kovacs, Laszlo Karolyhazy, Akos Kocsis, Szilvia Vajda, Andras Va
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A1 Adenosine Receptor Agonists: Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutic Potential

- Pp. 125-151 (27)
Sally A. Hutchinson, Peter J. Scammells
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Are the Extracellular Pathways a Conduit for the Delivery of Therapeutics to the Brain?

- Pp. 153-161 (9)
William A. Banks
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A Review of Neuroprotective Agents

- Pp. 163-194 (32)
Margaret A. Brimble, Mark S. Levi
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Design of Ligands for the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors: The Quest for Selectivity

- Pp. 195-247 (53)
William H. Bunnelle, Michael J. Dart, Michael R. Schrimpf
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New Trends in the Design of Drugs Against Alzheimer's Disease

- Pp. 249-284 (36)
Pierre Francotte, Pascal de Tullio, Pierre Fraikin, Bernard Pirotte
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Development of Melanocortin Receptor Selective Ligands

- Pp. 285-334 (50)
Boman G. Irani, Jerry R. Holder, Aleksandar Todorovic, Andrzej M. Wilczynski, Christine G. Joseph, Krista R. Wilson, Carrie Hask
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Inhibition of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B for the Treatment of Diabetes and Obesity

- Pp. 335-368 (34)
Zhonghua Pei, Gang Liu, Thomas H. Lubben, Bruce G. Szczepankiewicz
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The Impact of Infection on the Incidence of Autoimmune Disease

- Pp. 369-382 (14)
Thomas D.C. Thomas, Paola Zaccone, David W. Dunne, Anne Cooke
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Transcription Factors in Autoimmune Diseases

- Pp. 383-397 (15)
Martin Eggert, Andreas Kluter, Uwe K. Zettl, Gunther Neeck
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Small Molecule FLT3 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

- Pp. 399-416 (18)
Mark Levis, Donald Small
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Potentiality and Limitations of a Strategy for the Control of Cell Proliferation: The Block of Ca2+ Entry

- Pp. 417-433 (17)
Luca Munaron, Susanna Antoniotti, Alessandra Fiorio Pla, Davide Lovisolo
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An Expanding Appreciation of the Role Chemokine Receptors Play in Cancer Progression

- Pp. 435-454 (20)
O. M. Zack Howard, Carole L. Galligan
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Structural Bioinformatics and its Impact to Biomedical Science and Drug Discovery

- Pp. 455-502 (48)
Kuo-Chen Chou
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Recent Advances in Chemical Genomics

- Pp. 503-550 (48)
Gyorgy Dorman, Peter Krajcsi, Laszlo G. Puskas, Zoltan Kovari, Zsolt Lorincz, Laszlo Urge, Ferenc Darvas
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Predicting Molecular Interactions In Silico: I. An Updated Guide to Pharmacophore Identification and its Applications to Drug Design

- Pp. 551-584 (34)
Oranit Dror, Alexandra Shulman-Peleg, Ruth Nussinov, Haim J. Wolfson
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In Silico Methods for Predicting Ligand Binding Determinants of Cytochromes P450

- Pp. 615-652 (38)
Marcel J. de Groot, Stewart B. Kirton, Michael J. Sutcliffe
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Trends in Hit-to-Lead: An Update

- Pp. 653-673 (21)
Benoit Deprez, Rebecca Deprez-Poulain
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Recent Development and Application of Virtual Screening in Drug Discovery: An Overview

- Pp. 675-703 (29)
Tingjun Hou, Xiaojie Xu
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Biology of Heme in Health and Disease

- Pp. 705-714 (10)
Nastiti Wijayanti, Stephan Immenschuh
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.Botanicals and Natural Bioactives: Prevention and Treatment of Diseases.
.Frontiers In Medicinal Chemistry.
.Alkaloids and Other Nitrogen-Containing Derivatives.
.Potential Health Benefits of Biologically Active Peptides Derived from Underutilized Grains: Recent Advances in their Isolation, Identification, Bioactivity and Molecular Analysis.